Zombie Liberation Front / LIMITED TOUR
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Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Apollyon Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: N/A.

Former Special Containment Procedures: [REDACTED LEVEL 2]

Description: SCP-0000 is three hundred pounds of nonanomalous apple seeds.

Former Description: [REDACTED LEVEL 2]

Addendum: On ██/██/████, containment of SCP-0000 became unstable and it began to rapidly shift in effect. SCP-0000-1 awakened, and began to use it's necromantic powers to quickly take control of Site-18. In the face of an XK-Class Scenario, it was decided that containment of SCP-0000 would be handled by Emergency Task Force Aleph-Naught ("Gods Among Men"). This task force — assembled in spontaneously — was to consist of elements from the Foundation's most powerful task forces.

Emergency Task Force Aleph-Naught ("Gods Among Men"):

  • MTF Omega-Seven ("Pandora's Box")
    • Ω7 Cap Andrews — Baseline human, no anomalies. Decades of tactical and field leadership abilities. Will serve as the Commander of ETF-ℵ∅ and handler for Ω7 Able.
    • Ω7 AbleSCP-076-2. Will serve on ETF-ℵ∅ as a tactician and strategist, using prior experience of anomalies and general military knowledge.
  • MTF Eta-Then ("Bootstrappers")
    • H⊃ Lowell Primary — Member of MTF Eta-Then originating from 09/11/2024. Equipped with cybernetic nano-bot foundry augmentations originating from 2643 CE.
    • H⊃ Lowell Secondary — Member of MTF Eta-Then originating 10/12/2024'. Temporal duplicate of H⊃ Lowell Primary. Equipped with advanced medical equipment originating from 2643' CE.
  • STF Sigma-One ("Foundation's Anchors")
    • Σ1 Diamond Lance — Current Commander of STF Sigma-01, one of the most decorated and experienced members. Armed with a lance. Will serve as a melee combatant, primarily defensively. Former name Chuck Holloway.
    • Σ2 Iron Sledge — Highest confirmed numbers of verified kills as a member of STF Sigma-One. Armed with a sledgehammer. Role similar to Σ1 Diamond Lance. Former name Manny Marquez.
  • MTF Tau-Five ("Samsara")
    • T5 Irantu — Fire-based thaumaturge.
    • T5 Nanku — Water-based thaumaturge.
    • T5 Onru — Earth-based thaumaturge.
    • T5 Munru — Air-based thaumaturge.
  • MTF Omega-Nine ("The Scrubs")
    • Ω9 GRRGRL — Standard properties of MTF Ω9 (superhuman speed, strength, endurance, resistance to injury, anomalous weaponry).
    • Ω9 WTF_STFU — Standard properties of MTF Ω9.
    • Ω9 BOOGER — Standard properties of MTF Ω9.
  • MTF Omega-Twelve ("Achille's Heels")
    • Ω12 Gears — Class Four reality bender with broad capability relating to angles, movement and straight lines. Excellent combat ability under pressure.
    • Ω12 King — Class Two reality bender capable of transmutation of matter into an equal amount of apple seeds via touch.
    • Ω12 Yolas — Class Three reality bender. Highly knowledgable concerning Humes and reality warping. Control over anomalous phenomenon and unstable reality.

SCP-0000 Incursion Log Transcript:

The majority of ETF-ℵ∅ have assembled in a deployment camp located outside of Hartshire, with the exception of elements originating from MTF H⊃ and MTF Ω9. The assembled individuals are awaiting for the remaining members.

Ω7 Able: Adrian. You said we would be met by a dozen and two warriors, and I count nine.

Ω7 Cap Andrews: Bootstrappers are time travelers, don't know what's keeping them so long. Might have just messed up the time. The Scrubs, on the other hand, need to load their map before they can start playing.

Ω7 Able: I do not understand you, Captain, but I trust their reasons are valid. Very well. Dr. Yolas!

Ω12 Yolas: Hello, Ab-Leshal, First Blade of Daevon.

Ω7 Able: They say that you can manipulate witchcraft, correct? That you can alter aether better than any other.

Ω12 Yolas: That's close enough to the truth to count, I suppose.

Ω7 Able: What can you do with my blades? I must test your strength if I am to know what you can do in battle.

Able conjures sword out of black matter in front of himself. He holds the sword aloft, inspects it, and then presents it to Yolas, pointing the tip towards her.

Yolas reaches out and touches the side of the sword. It immediately shifts and twists away, turning back and wrapping around the arm of Able. It then quickly begins to expand, covering Able's arm, before it spreads to cover the rest of him. Within seconds, he is covered entirely, with the former sword now taking on the appearance of armor.

Ω12 Yolas: Is this sufficient, First Blade?

Ω7 Able: Excellent work.

A large silver sphere suddenly manifests in the deployment camp, appearing to grow rapidly out of nothing. It hovers above the ground for three seconds before shrinking, revealing a nude human. The human rises, revealing two nanobot foundries implanted in its torso. Nanobots emerge from the foundries and assemble into a uniform for the human.

H⊃ Lowell: Eta-Then "Cause and Effective" Lowell, reporting for duty. I believe that we're sending a second member.

A purple portal suddenly opens in the deployment camp. It hovers in the air before a human can be seen to emerge from the portal, wearing a large backpack and holding multiple tools. The human is notably identical in appearance to H⊃ Lowell.

H⊃ Lowell: Eta-Then "Bootstrappers" Lowell, reporting for duty. I believe that we're sending a second member.

H⊃ Lowell Primary: It's me?

H⊃ Lowell Secondary: The powers that be do sure have a sense of humor, don't they.

The three members of MTF Omega-Nine ("The Scrubs") manifest out of the air. Each stands at guard, not moving. None speak.

Ω7 Cap Andrews: Samsara, you're able to communicate with them, right?

Ω12 King: Hey! How do you like these apples?

The combatants collectively glance at King. He has dragged himself up the altar, leaving a trail of blood from his missing legs. His fingers are touching SCP-0000. He presses them in further, and SCP-0000 collapses into a mass of apple seeds. The seeds collapse and scatter down the altar, although primarily onto King.

All of the assembled SCP-0000-2 instances deaminate and collapse to the ground. […]

SCP-0000-1: I detest those apples.

Ω7 Able turns to SCP-0000-1 and smiles, revealing teeth filed into thin points. It raises its black blades and leaps toward the air, tackling SCP-0000-1 to the ground. Standing with its feet planted on SCP-0000-1's chest, it allows the blades to dissipate into smoke, which it then reshapes into a spear.

Able stabs the spear through the throat of SCP-0000-1, killing it instantly.

Ω7 Cap Andrews: Able! Goddammit! We were supposed to take him alive!

Ω7 Able: I played my part, Adrian. Allow me my fun, now.

Yolas dismisses Able's armor, causing it to melt and flow off the skin of Able like liquid. The liquid smokes with heat and burns the skin of Able, but he does not appear to react in any way. Acting quickly, Irantu raises his holdout firearm and fires once into the back of Able's head.

Able is knocked to the ground by the force of the bullet but is not killed. He turns over, and attempts to rise before being shot again by Irantu. Grrl begins firing into Able with Irantu. As Grrl and Irantu keep Able occupied and forced to the floor, Iron Sledge slowly walks over. With a single blow, he smashes Able's head in.

Σ1 Iron Sledge: Fucking bastard.

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