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Left: SCP-5249's remains. Right: A recent civilian image of SCP-5249's original containment site.

Item #: SCP-5249

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5249's remains are non-anomalous, and are part of the Herculaneum Exhibit at the Naples National Archaeological Museum.

Description: SCP-5249 was a humanoid with Class-5 ontokinetic abilities native to the Apennine Peninsula. Due to the nature of SCP-5249's containment and neutralization, few records are available of its origins or history. However, the presence of stone-carved records indicates that SCP-5249 was responsible for significant destruction and damage to the Italian countryside during organized political conflicts during its anomalously lengthened lifetime. The same carvings allege that SCP-5249's presence on the Peninsula was a major factor in the routing of Fabius Maximus's army, allowing Hannibal to decisively capture Rome in the 12th year of his occupation. SCP-5249 was captured by agents from the Temporal Anomalies Division undercover as Imperial soldiers, and placed into localized high-risk containment at Site-X1.

SCP-XXXX was terminated on October 24th, 79 A.D, after it attempted to breach Site-X, resulting in the detonation of on-site warhead.

Remainder of file requires clearance level 3/5249 or above.

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