the clockwork deception.

the clockwork deception.

By and large, history is written by the victors. Alexander the Great didn't win at Hydaspes; the American Revolution was less a struggle for individual liberty and more over payment of back taxes; even Winston Churchill, who coined the quote, was not the proponent for liberty and paragon of British leadership he is so often seen as.

No doubt you've seen a particular slant while reading through the accumulated database of your Foundation. Yes, I know who you are, why you're here. You people are never as discrete as you'd like to think you are. Every nälkä worth their salt knows they're being watched by either the GOC or the Foundation, especially when we gather like this. It's like a honeypot for you.

But I digress.

I was saying, you must have noticed a particular slant in the files available to you. Sometimes small things, sometimes bigger. That we represent some kind of apocalyptic doombringer, that the Mekhanites are simply trying to preserve order in a chaotic world. That Mekhane sacrificed his Body to imprison Yaldaboath for all time out of a paternal love for humanity.

Nothing is that black and white, my friend.

It's not a coincidence that the Foundation was so quick to ally itself with the GOC and the Initiative, and by extension the Mekhanites. Neo-Sarkicism is a relatively new phenomenon in the eternal struggle between the metal and the flesh. A mere blip on the timeline. For the longest time, the Mekhanites held the sword — or, as it were, the pen. Nälkä scorn civilization and its bells and whistles; an unfortunate side effect is that there is no consolidated history of the culture, leaving the only interpretation and commentary of our people to be written by our blood enemies.

I won't try to mislead you; we do participate in sacrificial rituals. But then, what ancient religion hasn't at one point or another? Yes, we do practice fleshcrafting. But if you think the Clockworks are free of sin, I have bad news: they're just better at hiding it.

You decry our blessing as an abomination, and yet the disease- no, the weapon it was made to combat is allowed to propagate. Mekhanism is old, older than the Foundation, as old as the conflict itself. They are two sides to the same coin — the only difference is that one side embraced the idea of written history long before the other. It's only a hop and a skip from biased history to propaganda. The popular image of the "Sarkic" as the cannibalistic kidnapper, a child killer and a degenerate, engaging freely in carnal pleasures with man and beast alike, is pure fiction. Invented in a sermon given by a Mekhanite evangelist in the 19th century and embedded so deep into their dogma that it's inseparable from their actual beliefs.

Oh, mercy me, no. The Foundation is just as under the veil as anyone else. No, no, that's not strictly true. The other groups are blindfolded. The Foundation has had its eyes gouged out over the course of decades by a systematic plan of internal corruption. You never notice the parallels between top-level Foundation staff and Mekhanite doctrine? Transhumanism? Augmentation and genetic therapy to lengthen their lifespans? I hold no love for the Foundation but the presence of the enemy in your ranks is a festering wound — insult to injury.

Well, yes, I suppose that's true. Neo-Sarkics have the tools to write a… legitimate history, something that might take a few drops out of the ocean of Mekhanite propaganda that society has been drowned in for literal centuries. But is that really a good thing? The cult of fear surrounding my people has its benefits: we are largely left alone by the outside world. The scattered European sects enjoy the same pleasure. We are often regarded as a curiosity for academics to debate over. Not ideal, but better than being locked in a Foundation prison site. Which, by the way, is indubitably what would happen should the reality of our position in the cosmos come to light.

History is written by the victors, my friend. And in this case, by the only ones capable of writing.

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