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2/0000 LEVEL 2/0000
Item #: SCP-0000


DESCRIPTION: SCP-0000 is a contagion affecting individuals in the Seattle-Washington area. The source, vectors, and incubation period are unknown; investigation has discovered that initial victims shared close work or social relations, implying an aspect of physical proximity to transmission. SCP-0000 was first classified in March of 2014 with the discovery of the corpse of Marcus Moskovich.

SCP-0000 begins affecting the human body some time after initial transmission. Progression is divided into two phases.

PHASE I: Victims will notice a slight stiffness in their joints, resulting in inhibited and painful motion. However, this is insignificant enough to usually be dismissed as a muscle ache or cramp. Victims will continue to go about their daily schedules, unwittingly spreading the contagion to other individuals. This phase will last for approximately one to two weeks, throughout which the level of pain will slowly increase.

PHASE II: Victims will retreat to a private location, generally their home. Over the following 12 hours, the victim's body will fold in half a variable number of times. The amount of folds is twice as many as whom the victim was infected by; if infected by an individual who was folded 4 times, the victim will fold 8 times, and so on. This process results in massive internal trauma, bleeding, and destruction of bone tissue. Folding occurs across a center axis; the first fold is across the waist, etc. It is unknown whether victims remain alive through this process, as all victims have been discovered postmortem.

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