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Item #: SCP-3648

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone has been erected in a 1km radius around SCP-3648. Security personnel are to be stationed outside the exclusion zone to prevent civilian access, under the cover of a wildlife sanctuary for the endangered maned three-toed sloth. Once a month, MTF Rho-7 "Slash And Burn" are to enter the exclusion zone to clear out plant-life affected by SCP-3648, using incendiary weaponry. Under no circumstances are any personnel to enter or drink from SCP-3648.

Following Incident 3648.1, SCP-3648-1 has been neutralized. The remains are stored in an inert object locker in Site-73.

Description: SCP-3648 is a stagnant pool measuring approximately 4m in radius. SCP-3648 is located in a grotto approximately 2km south of Serra de Saudade, Mato Gross province, Brazil. SCP-3648's primary anomalous effect is the significant acceleration of plant growth and development in its vicinity, leading to a notable increase in rates of photosynthesis and growth. This effect was exacerbated when SCP-3648-1 was submerged within it. SCP-3648's water can preserve human physiological and neurological function for extended periods of time if a body is completely submerged within it.

SCP-3648-1 is a human corpse formerly located within SCP-3648. The body has been identified as Carlos Oliviera Jr., a 45-year-old native of Serra De Saudade. Oliviera was declared missing on 03-08-15 after the recent death of his wife and daughter. Oliviera also had a history of mental health issues and the disappearance was ruled a likely suicide by the local authorities following a small search effort. Following Incident 3648.1, Oliviera's body was discovered lying on the edge of SCP-3648.

Documents pertaining to Incident 3648.1:


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