SCP-5613 — Cruel Thesis for an Angel
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SCP-5613-א discovery site.

Special Containment Procedures: Per consensus of the O5 Council, Project TERUMAH is to be shut down indefinitely. Containment staff are to provide SCP-5613-א with a standard humanoid containment cell and basic sustenance plan. SCP-5613-ב is to remain within storage for its potentially hazardous properties and is not to be reactivated.

Access to SCP-5613 documentation is limited to members of the Department of Tactical Theology with Level-4 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-5613 is the result of Project TERUMAH, which outlined the experimental production of an empathic weapon based on the amalgamation of two distinct anomalous components. The Department of Tactical Theology designed the project following the recovery of SCP-5613-א and ensuing attainment of SCP-5613-ב.

SCP-5613-א is a severely injured 1.7-meter-tall anomalous humanoid entity with three sets of large wings, four faces, and a single leg positioned radially from the center of its torso. Two sets of wings are prehensile and remain curled in place over its face and foot, while a third, larger set protrudes from atop its shoulders. Each face corresponds with that of a human, lion (Panthera leo), ox (Bos taurus), and eagle (Accipitridae), located at each cardinal direction.

Foundation officials recovered SCP-5613-א half-buried in a thirty-meter-wide depression crater. Around 80% of its body displayed marring from heavy scorch marks consistent with a fall from a high altitude. The entity's wings held considerable damage, with a loss of up to 35% of its flesh and corresponding phalanges in outer areas.

SCP-5613-ב is a large mechanical device comprised of a metal sarcophagus and several other interrelated parts. The sarcophagus is composed of copper alloy, tin, iron, and lead,2 and dates to about 1300 BCE. Complex internal mechanisms based on the Ancient Greek Antikythera design allow the sarcophagus to be opened, closed, and rearranged without a power source or added prosthesis.

The sarcophagus component of SCP-5613-ב is attached to several Bronze Age apparatuses, as well as a computer terminal of unknown origin. The computer can be accessed freely and perform basic arithmetic, logical operations, and data storage. When a human enters SCP-5613-ב, the computer terminal displays a list of information corresponding to the entrant's psychological state and perception of reality. Human technicians handling the terminal can modify this list; all modifications will otherwise reflect on changes within the subject as they arise.

Shortly after archaeologists recovered SCP-5613-ב, Department of Tactical Theology officials confiscated the machine and began reverse-engineering its mechanisms. Over the course of the next month, the machine adapted autonomously to Foundation organizational standards. It displayed new categories based on employed position, clearance level, administrative capacity, memetic health, neuroticism, and several unidentified metrics.

Further details on the construction, usage, and eventual decommissioning of SCP-5613 exist below in chronological order. Files chosen per addendum are included for the sake of convenience.


After the discovery of SCP-5613-א and its ensuing classification by the SCP Foundation, the Department of Tactical Theology's Abrahamics Sub-Division sent the following proposal to the O5 Council on 7 April, 2017.





It is no secret that the recent acquisition of the anomaly currently designated SCP-56133 is a Seraph: An angel mentioned in Biblical texts such as Ezekiel and Isiah. The angel's status is critical and barely supported by the Foundation's efforts to generate artificial Akiva Radiation. The Foundation does not have the resources to sustain this entity for a significant amount of time past the present, and as such — unless modifications are made to its arrangement — it is likely to perish.

The Department of Tactical Theology's Abrahamics Sub-Division, therefore, would like to make a proposal to the O5 Council: Allow the Department of Tactical Theology to acquire the anomaly and utilize its resources to nurse the angel to full health once more. Our department is likely to have sufficient resources to aid in this effort indefinitely and allow the angel to remain within its physical form for as long as it necessitates.

In addition to this, the Department of Tactical Theology would also like to propose an experimental design for an object that may benefit the Foundation as a whole. Such a design would take advantage of the Seraph's abilities while ensuring its connection to the tangible world. The project is to be enacted as follows:

Firstly, developing a method of which to keep the entity alive indefinitely without much resource strain. This is already capable with Tactical Theology technology. Secondly, the development of a machine capable of utilizing the Seraph's memetic properties as outlined in Biblical texts — specifically, its abilities to manually induce fear within targets. Finally, the permanent containment and usage of such an entity to benefit the Foundation in the long term.

To be more exact, our goal is to create a device capable of assisting the Foundation in retrieving anomalous objects and entities. The key to reaching such an end already lies within each human: Emotion. It is a powerful tool not properly utilized, resting relatively dormant within each of us. The intrinsic ability for Seraphim to manipulate our supposed auras and emotional states will allow us to change the mental states of populations at large and bolster Mobile Task Forces attempting to retrieve anomalies.

We would also like to request permission from the O5 Council to utilize URA-36354 for reverse engineering and potential utilization.

If such a device is feasible, it will certainly prove as an excellent weapon for Foundation usage, and certainly help its mission of preserving the Veil.

- Y. Leiner
Abrahamics Sub-Division Lead

On 12 April 2017, the O5 Council voted on the proposal, as detailed below.


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O5-03 O5-12
O5-05 O5-10


Your project has been approved by the O5 Council. The weapon's development will be monitored closely, and SCP-5613's health will be analyzed to ensure it is capable of assisting us without risk of death.

ADDENDUM TWO — SCP-5613 Construction

19 April 2017

Communication between our staff and SCP-5613 is fatiguing. While it communicated its content with how it felt after our correctional procedures (through body language and medical testing results), it could not tell us what it wanted in comprehensible terms.

It has been one week since our team was allowed to retrieve the Seraph from temporary storage at Site-34. The entity has spent three days of that week in travel. Yesterday, an unseen accident befell the high-security containment transport, flipping the semi-trailer, and destroying its chassis. Further damage to the Seraph's wings was, luckily, negligible. I don't believe it intended to cause this, as it ceased movement and was seen with its head drooped for the next half-hour. I believe it grew over-stimulated and pained with its new form and needed to exert itself. This will be important to remember, moving forward, if we decide to permit it to remain in this form.

The entity was airlifted without consequence. Tomorrow, we will begin analysis of its speech. Let's see if we can communicate.

22 April 2017

The Abrahamics Sub-Division's Theosophical Kabbalistic study group Vav ("Long Summer") arrived overnight, and by mid-day, worked with our technicians to produce a harness for the Seraph. The harness crowns each of its four heads and is said to act as a bridge between it and our mortal world. The harness is largely a symbolic design; of what, I am not sure, though I know it possesses the Hebrew name of the Abrahamic God inscribed on it. Nonetheless, the attached diodes should grant our Seraph long-range empathic forecasting, in addition to its innate properties.

25 April 2017

It already displays the ability to inseminate fear into our D-Class participants, which successfully confirms that the entity is capable of such powers. However, it refuses to cooperate further. Our parapsychologists are currently working on it, though we're likely not to get results for some time. Despite this, PROJECT TERUMAH will continue unhindered.

30 April 2017

Numerous SCP sites in the Middle East have been sent recordings of the Seraph's spoken language. We had found relatively little success, until a contracted linguist out at Site-76 determined that it was an Old Southern Arabian tongue. Extinct for over 2,000 years, which made our lives just a bit more difficult.

The linguist could not leave Site-76 due other important projects they were working on. Fortunately, through video chat, the Seraph worked its way up the linguistic roots, and now displays textbook understanding of an eastern dialect of modern Arabic — an astonishing improvement, expected of a perfect being.

Although we've made significant strides, we are a week behind schedule. The Seraph speaks in flowery allusion and metaphor, which makes communication difficult.

4 May 2017

We don't need to tell the Seraph our plans. It slurs and stumbles in its vocalization, claiming to feel the heart of each of us as its wings quaver. Mostly, its apprehension comes from the location where it landed, saying, "machinations within the dirt toil tenfold." We don't know what it means, and it does not know where it currently rests.

Abrahamics personnel already search the landing site with divination equipment. We will add to our budget the renting of LIDAR5 equipment as well.

The ultimatum is simple: if our Seraph agrees to comply in the experiments, we will grant it extended hospitality in the form of purification baths, Rabbinic prayer, and allowance of meditation. An extensive experiment schedule for the next six weeks has already been penned and fine-tuned. We can finally move forward to directed, group-based, emotional manipulation on a mass scale.

6 June 2017

As expected, our friend has agreed to all our conditions. They seemed reluctant, but we assured them that we were doing it for a good cause. They were compliant after we reminded them of our hospitality; that seemed to do the trick. The Kabbalah group is obsessing over their notes after this, as we expect of them.

I've neglected the mentioning of the machine since we haven't made much progress on it until now. Initially, it was only capable of changing the psychological state of the individual inside of it; this was useless on the Seraph, since their central nervous system is entirely different from ours. Nonetheless, some important discoveries are being made to assist us in completing our goal.

One such discovery is a very subtle but important feature. Apparently, the machine requires a medium to transform the electronic signals from the computer into memes that modify consciousnesses. We've been able to extract and re-insert the transformer with no damage, meaning that it was likely to be replaceable.

This will prove incredibly useful.

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