Wydness's Cool Sandbox (I miss you Kaktus)

Hello everyone it is Wydness, SCP-049 lover. I am here as a refugee because I have been unable to rejoin Kaktus Kontainer. Kaktus I miss you but Taylor is my overlord now. I am here to write the good fanfictions like I always do. Have fun reading and remember to vote on my pages so I can feel good about myself.

(Note: Hey fuckers, just because I'm banned right now doesn't mean this sandbox is in open season. If I catch any of this on the mainsite, your disc thread is going to be longer than mine.)

Sandbox Link Status Summary
SCPs 1 http://topia.wikidot.com/wydness4 Uncomplete Lisa Frank SCP
SCPs 2 http://topia.wikidot.com/wydness5 Active NINTENABYSS
SCPs 3 http://topia.wikidot.com/wydness8 Active More eggs more eggs more eggs
Tales 1 http://topia.wikidot.com/wydness TBA Bellerverse 3581 thing
GOIs 1 http://topia.wikidot.com/wydness6 Uncomplete Edgy WWS format for ClicheCon
GOIs 2 http://topia.wikidot.com/wydness7 Active Ambrose egg restaurant
Art Page http://topia.wikidot.com/wydness2 Standby Art page testing
Author Page http://topia.wikidot.com/wydness3 Standby Author page testing
001 Proposal http://topia.wikidot.com/secret:wydness001 Active shhhhh
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