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*slaps roof of sandbox* This bad boy can fit so many drafts in it.

Drafts like my novel! Its name is


Backlight follows Valo Huang, who after losing their mother in a traumatic accident loses control of their life proceeds to seek comfort in drugs. Their dealer, a British man named Nigel, offers Valo the distraction they need and with his captivating personality, he whisks Valo away into new experiences Valo wouldn't have gotten into themselves, such as watching a streetfight, ghost hunting and building an android.
All the while, Valo is decidedly ignoring their mother's death and focusing on the odd times when the air… just feels different, like there's something changing in the world. Nigel also has noticed it and claims it's because a new era is coming…

All chapters are under construction and concrit is very appreciated.

Uuuh yeah then I guess there's this SCP tale series I guess I'm trying to do I guess. It doesn't have an official title yet.

SCP-076-2 re-emerges after 20 years of dormancy, only to defy what everyone expects of him. Instead of a murderous rampage, he acts very lethargically and refuses to eat.

Honestly I have no idea if the mainsite would even like this series nor if I'll ever finish it. Whateverrrrrrrrrrr.

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