Weryllium SCP #17
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Item #: SCP-4510

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Governments of countries near SCP-4510 are ordered to designate zones of their respective territorial waters in proximity of SCP-4510 as prohibited.

Any and all items emerging from SCP-4510-Alpha are to be catalogued, then destroyed entirely.

If a method of sealing SCP-4510-Alpha without violating causality is found, it is to be enacted immediately.

Description: SCP-4510 denotes a former civilization currently located in the Suakin Trough, 2900 m below the surface of the Red Sea.

SCP-4510 is estimated to have at one point possessed a peak population of 3 million. Structures in SCP-4510 vary widely in design and structure and mostly resemble Babylonian, Assyrian, and Greco-Roman architectural styles, although dating of SCP-4510 indicates an age of at least 25,000 years. Despite this, various buildings and sites near the center of SCP-4510 contain anachronistic artifacts from various cultures stored alongside each other.

All remains of the inhabitants of SCP-4510 are indistinguishable from those of ordinary humans (Homo sapiens sapiens). Carbon dating of these remains gives inconsistent results, ranging from ~200 years to over 80,000 (the upper limit of the testing procedures).

Large (~60 m tall) statues depicting an unknown humanoid male are present around the location of SCP-4510-Alpha. Corrosion and/or heavy coral growth obscure the faces of these statues.

SCP-4510-Alpha is a well, 15 m in diameter, located in the geometric center of SCP-4510 and composed of an unknown, lustrous blue metal. SCP-4510-Alpha was found sealed with a variant of concrete composed of basalt and human bone. This well extends to an indefinite depth of at least 10 km, and violently ejects inserted nonliving objects without warning.

On {date}, Agent Paria was selected to explore SCP-4510-Alpha due to his competence and experience during previous exploratory dives of SCP-4510. A heavy duty winch was set up, and Agent Paria was lowered steadily into the well.

After descending 1400 m, a loud noise resembling a large crowd of people yelling emanated from SCP-4510-Alpha, and the entirety of SCP-4510 flashed with light. Seismic tremors shook the site, and SCP-4510-Alpha grew in size to 90 m in diameter, and manifested glowing symbols all along its base.

Following the cessation of the tremors and light, Agent Paria's recording device was found intact and preserved, embedded in the rock surrounding SCP-4510-Alpha.

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