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A collation of the User-Curated "Villains List", with ShaggydredlocksShaggydredlocks' permission.

Anything prefaced with a bullet point (★) is a villain depiction I think should have a spot on the list.

50 memorable villains from SCPs, Tales, and/or Series. SCPs. Entries selected are based on community (here and off-site) input.

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1. Karcist Sulkisk | SCP-2480: "An Unfinished Ritual" by Metaphysician

The depraved leader of Adytum's Wake.

Desire is the measure of all things. Be unbound from moral tethers. Do as you will, to whom you will.

2. Dr. West | SCP-2419: "The Laughing Men" by The Great Hippo

Recycling at its most brutal.

And even if you're somehow right — so what? They're dead, Jim. We've got enough problems here on earth without having to worry about whether or not we left a pile of ashes with 'sufficiently happy' thoughts.

3. Director Emerson | SCP-1730: "What Happened to Site-13?" by djkaktus

He who fought monsters.

Human beings fall into a very specific category of non-anomalous lifeforms. Humanoid anomalies may appear to be human, but are simply "humanoid". As such, they are not entitled to the rights and privileges afforded to human beings by the Ethics Committee.

4. Dr. Asma Tareen | SCP-2669: "Khevtuul 1" by kalinin

A tragic shooting star.

I will wrap myself around your terror. Cultivate it. Blend it into my own. There are many now there, adding more makes it hurt less for a little while. I have every reason to be patient.

5. CONTROLLER and PLANTER | SCP-3721: "Obsolete Weapons System" by UraniumEmpire

Rotten remnants of a dead war.


PLANTER fires.

6. "M"/"The Ghost" | SCP-3625: "The Great American Meme Machine" by djkaktus

A misanthropic nobody.

Remember me,1, and may God Almighty bless me, His Righteous Right Hand.

7. olliefox | SCP-3312: "OwO what's this?" by Dog Teeth

The furry your mother warned you about.

Thotticusprime: you know he's gonna go bankrupt right
olliefox: yeah but it's not that bad because like
olliefox: he'll probably just try to wear them to work or something lmao
olliefox: what's he gonna do kill someone with his fursuit??

8. Drs. Jean Durand and Mátyás Nemeş | SCP-186: "To End All Wars" by kalinin

The horrors of modern warfare, exaggerated.

We are no longer armies. Not any more. We are animals, trapped in a forest together, uncomprehending. Sometimes, when Volikov sleeps, I hear the Frenchman in the woods, yelling in Hungarian, yelling and laughing. I would almost rather listen to Volikov.

9. The Crooked Man | SCP-783: "There Was A Crooked Man" by Shaggydredlocks

A sadistic home invader.

There lived a crooked man, who made a crooked deal

He kept a crooked cane, and his catch in crooked creel

He stole a crooked child, who cried a crooked squeal

And that crooked little man was broken on the wheel

10. Syncope Symphony | SCP-4833: "The Syncope Symphony" by Tufto

High school sucks.

SCP-4833 was once a significant player in anomalous affairs, being particularly feared within the anomalous underworld for the kidnap and forcible alteration of numerous individuals since the late 1940s.

11. Vector | SCP-353: "Vector" by Pair of Ducks

An unapologetic supervillain.

To date, her true identity is unknown, as she gives no name other than "Vector" and refuses to answer any questions about her past. SCP-353 claims to have traveled the western world seeking greater infections for her "collection". When asked why, she would not give a response aside from, "Because I can."

12. Dr. Madison Craggs | SCP-3033: "A Human Weapon" by Lazar Lyusternik

The cold product of a Colder War.

Well, you probably know how this goes. Work as wholesome US employee. Defected to Soviets. Soviet Union collapses. Where else is a bioweapons researcher supposed to find meaningful work?

13. The Daevite Empire | SCP-140: "An Incomplete Chronicle" by AssertiveRoland

Our abusive precursors.

I have to know. I’m sorry.

14. Johnathan Barker | SCP-1832: "Faith Half-Healer" by Gaffsey

Someone who needed to feel special.

That I had the power. To heal or to not, to judge the wicked, to deny a man love and mercy when he needs it most. What it's like to be God.

15. Dennis Huang | SCP-4504: "The Handless Man" by wmaitla

A normal man that had a very bad decade.

Dr White: Yes, yes, I’ve heard it before. Now Dennis-

SCP-4504: 4504.

16. Pentagram | SCP-4406: "SUDDEN THUNDER" by aismallard and pxdnbluesoul

Never trust the CIA.

The government confirmed the existence of SCP-4406, but resisted requests for technical information on the anomaly's capabilities or design.

17. Dr. Robert Montauk | Tufto's Proposal: "The Scarlet King" by Tufto

A Nietzschean Übermensch.

I knew what good was, and what evil was, and I saw none of it in either of them.

18. Randolph T. Metzger | SCP-748: "Industrial Dissolution" by Metaphysician

It's cogs all the way up.

The factory bends to my will. The workers live at my mercy alone. I am God here.

19. Samuel Decard | SCP-2701: "True Solitary" by Mortte

A father pushed too far.

I looked him in the eyes and I saw a man who chose to be a beast. I wanted to see him rot in the deepest, darkest hole I could find. You know how you break an animal?

20. The Kumiho | SCP-953: "Polymorphic Humanoid" by DrClef

Know your folklore.

Every little slight in her eyes she saves up, and the only way she knows how to repay an insult is death. Chaining her to the wall like an animal… when she gets out, and she will get out, she's going to kill everyone who had the slightest thing to do with it. She won't settle for anything else.

21. The Yule Man | SCP-4666: "The Yule Man" by Hercules Rockefeller

Santa Krampus.

If you don’t make the toys, you don’t eat. Don’t stop making the toys, don’t fall asleep. Or he hurt you.

22. Josep Oriol/"Enigma" | SCP-3512: "The More You Know" by psul

Pick-up art thief.

The first thing you need to do is stop thinking of hot women as women. In fact, stop thinking about them as people. Think of them like instruments - before you can play them, you need to know how to tune them.

23. SCP-3333-1 | SCP-3333: "Tower" by Jekeled

They're not who you think.

And of course I didn't know any of them closely, so who was I to say if there was anything wrong…

24. Tim Allen | SCP-4844: "Last Man Standing" by TyGently

The hidden antagonist of Seinfeld.

SCP-4844 is capable of numerous feats including flight, spontaneous materialization and dematerialization, fine manipulation of objects and substances, and stand-up comedy.

25. The Foundation | djkaktus's Proposal III: "The Way it Ends" by djkaktus + The Great Hippo

A machine that grew too big.

"There is no good. There is no evil."

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