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  • Introductions: have consistently introduced nearly all users in the Explorers section, with overlap into the Readers and Writers. I have also reported the occasional oddity found in such introductions.
  • Butterfly Squad: As of January, I am a member of Forum Crit, making sure that drafts do not get lost in the backlog.
  • Suggesting things and offering thoughts on policy: I have weighed in on a few CO-related discussions, giving my thoughts on the matter. This includes the Forum Reviewer Spotlight, which I suggested in the Emergency Crit thread.
  • Helped fill in for Zyn that one day her internet broke: Before joining forum crit, I was assigned, along with Nico, Varaxous, and other such people, to help pick up Zyn's crit duties on a day her internet went out.
  • JS Mentoring: I helped to recruit DrDog and 9volt into Community Outreach, and subsequently helped them start on Intro duty.
  • Pastarasta art: Along with Nico, Varaxous, and MrPines, I am currently hosting around 20% of Pastarasta's art page, after switching hosting from wiki to Imgur, which saved the wiki 10% of its Storage.
  • Contest Work: Along with Nico and Varaxous, I have assisted in arranging a site contest

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The Beta-Unseelie project has been discontinued. Personnel assigned to SCP-3472's development have been reassigned to the Gamma-Unseelie project. Containment specialists have been briefed on SCP-3472's updated containment procedures.

All modifications to existing documentation following Incident ████-B have been marked in blue.

— Claudia Southey, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-3472 βU-4/3472
Object Class: Keter (Formerly Thaumiel) Classified



SCP-3472's former focal point.

Special Containment Procedures: As of 16/05/1964, βU-2677's role in the containment of SCP-3472 is poorly understood. However, due to the haphazard construction of βU-2677's auxiliary fail-safes, all personnel attempting to examine βU-2677 without permission from the Project Director are to be terminated.

SCP-3472 is partially contained by βU-2677, both of which are contained at Area 3472. To this end, Area 3472 has been fitted with an earthquake-resistant framing. No physics-altering or non-Safe objects are to be stored at Area 3472.

Research Task Force Azu ("Eyes to the Skies") has been tasked with researching methods with which to neutralize SCP-3472.

Description: SCP-3472 is the Kejel-Osbourne field1 surrounding βU-2677, an experimental containment unit formerly intended to house SCP-████. SCP-3472 maintains an average Hume level of 1630, leaving environmental change impossible within SCP-3472.

All objects within SCP-3472 are subject to a variety of ontological modifications originating from the field itself; despite this, SCP-3472's Hume levels remain stable, contradicting Lawrence's Conjecture2. In most cases, foreign objects inside SCP-3472 will disintegrate entirely within two hours of entry.

SCP-3472 is either maintained, stabilized, or deterred by βU-2677. βU-2677

Addendum [3472-001]: βU-2677

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