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Shit, let's start at the… you mind if I swear? Fuck, sorry, force a habit. Picked that up in the wrong place.

Eh, House of Spades. Real ragtag buncha weirdos, there. I mean, I'd know, you know, I've practically played matchmaker for the little fuckers. I guess, like, not intentionally, but when you need a friend you need a friend. Doesn't hurt when they all get to work out their mommy issues as a team… shit, should I be saying that? I didn't mean no offense, it's like… it's written on 'em. And, you know, I feel like at that point, you just gotta have someone who understands you.

So, yeah, fit like a fuckin' glove, those four, more ways than one. Helps to have someone when you're an underemployed nobody in Staten Island who's idea of a good time is stupid shit.

… do you wanna listen to some music? Hold on, lemme pull out some tapes.

Height: 6'2"
DOB: 5/26/1987
Plays: Drums, trumpet (Self Titled), vocals (See You Soon EP), with fire
Physiology: Strained

Joshua Lyanna Veronica Katherine Fitzroy was born to a doomed mother and ill-prepared father in Staten Island on May 26th, 1987. Infamous for spearheading several of the band's more notable stunts, Fitzroy's musical career began at the age of 14, when she realized that screaming got her nothing and drumming got her As.

Fitzroy first met her bandmates at her surrogate dad friend's suggestion, and remained friends right up to the point where her anger overrode her love.

I should probably put what this series is about.

This tale series follows four depressive musicians, exploring their interpersonal relationships and emotional hangups along the way. Though it bleeds into a shitton of genres, I like to think of it primarily as a "love story", at least in the sense that it deals with love. Of course, it's framed against a backdrop of eldritch nightmares and absurd cracks in reality, but what can you do?

There's not much of a grand adventure, I don't think. Just people dealing with being themselves in an inherently absurd world.


From left to right: Veronica, Isabella, Sara, Jack.

Veronica's tall, 6'2" to be exact.

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