Teachings of Karcist Asikainen: Ion and the Archons
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The following are translated excerpts of sermons regarding the Six Ordeals of Ion, given by PoI-971 ("Karcist Asikainen")1.

Note that despite PoI-971's apparent position within the Nälkän religion2, her sermons contain several inconsistencies when compared with older and better-established Nälkän documentation. The Foundation's current knowledge of Sarkicism does not permit a conclusion regarding its veracity.

Tone and intent have been preserved to the best of the Foundation's abilities.

~Dr. Lydia Homme, Junior Deific Containment Specialist

The Confrontation3

And behold, through guided mediation on the flesh of the cosmos, Ion beheld the visages of the scavenger beasts of fallen Daevon.

Woven through a throne of air was the Verdant Archon4

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