UE Canon

This is just so I can keep track of my personal canon.

The Factory

The Factory eats. It eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats. When it's not eating, it's making more things for which it can eat. Once you're in, you do not get out.


The GOC's mission is simple: make reality conform, whether it wants to or not. Why let the cancer continue to grow?

Beginning of all Universes

  • The most basic fundamentals of matter (that it exists, is able to reserve space for its own existence, and can differ in other respects) have always been established.
  • "Life" is a binary notion that separates the animate from the inanimate.
  • There is not enough to existence to distinguish between nonsapience and sapience.
  • Certain "lifeforms" can be large enough to make universal rules.

Beginning of this Verse

  • The Tetra creates the universe, much to the irritation of the existing "lifeforms" in its space.
  • Flash of light and matter: the Big Bang is in full swing.
  • Several of the more powerful "lifeforms", including the Unseelie Queen, the Scarlet King, the Factory, and King Worm, are trapped inside.

3 Billion Years Ago

  • Another large "lifeform", the Cosmic Starfish, attaches itself to this universe and begins "feeding".

13 BCE

  • Marius Salvius Plautius, a centurion born to a family of merchants, is tried and convicted of petty treason, and sentenced to death.
  • In prison, he meets a fellow prisoner only known as Tenebris. The two become fast friends, and decide that no, they don't want to die today.


May 9th

  • A squad of vikings headed by Tamlin trap King Worm in an elaborate villa, now christened "The Tamlin House".


October 22nd

  • Jefferson signs the Abnormality Mitigation Act of 1801, creating the American Supernatural Containment Initiative.


December 18th

  • John Schuster, a free African American in Chicago, quits his job at a Factory to make toys on his own terms.

December 19th

  • John Schuster comes home to find his apartment torched. Not to be discouraged, he takes a few oddjobs to pay for emergency housing and gets to work building a stall for his new venture.


January 6th

  • John "Wondertainment" Schuster sells his first toy.


February 1st

  • Ezra Fritzwilliams, a locksmith's apprentice and student of engineering, is conscripted to fight in World War I.

June 26th

  • Ezra meets Xavier Dior, a fellow conscript from France. Dior is a sculptor in his spare time, with aspirations of global recognition.

July 1st

  • Battle of the Somme. Ezra and Xavier experience their first taste of combat. It sucks. Hard.


November 5th

  • GRU Division-P is established with the rest of GRU (which wasn't called GRU back then).


July 10th

  • Fritzwilliams visits Dior's chateau. In it, he finds SCP-262, SCP-005, and a letter bemoaning the pointlessness of war, declaring society "forever tainted" by the Great War. He mocks Fritzwilliams for trying to make sense of the world, declaring that he will eat his hat in Hell if he can manage such a task.
  • As Friztwilliams turns to leave with 005, a weight lifts, and one final gift is revealed: SCP-173.
  • A brutal game of cat and mouse is started, nearly ending with Fritzwilliams's strangulation. However, he "unlocks" himself from 173's grip with 005 and flees the chateau. 173 is now free to terrorize the world.

July 26th

  • Word of Dior's fate spreads through Paris, and his last words are adopted by an anarchist art collective in posthumous protest of the Great War.

August 11th

  • Fritzwilliams meets Elizabeth Maddox during a burglary gone wrong. The two reveal that they share a common cause: making things normal again.

August 13th

  • Maddox convinces her father, Zachary Sandburg, to chip into the cause.


March 23rd

  • With assistance from Elizabeth Maddox and Kain Crow, Fritzwilliams founds Weird Inc, a collection/museum of oddities that secretly works towards containing the abnormal.

September 11th

  • After weeks of negotiations, Ranjit Pandey throws his hat into the ring with Sandburg and Crow.


January 1st

  • The SCP Foundation Charter, along with the 1924 Consensus Reality, are put into effect.
  • Fritzwilliams assumes the role of administrator.


January 1st

  • The 1934 Consensus Reality is put into effect. Notable changes:
    • Homosexuality, along with transsexuality, is now considered immutable in the face of conversion therapy.

January 2nd

  • Fascism's compatibility with Consensus Reality is now the subject of large-scale debate among personnel.


January 1st

  • Friztwilliams steps down from the role of administrator, and is replaced by Arthur Rutledge.


November 9th

  • 3721 is launched to the celebration of Obskurakorps.
  • Celebration abruptly ends when 3721 fires on the central Stuttgart base,
  • then one in Nuremberg,
  • then the Weimar base,
  • and finally Berlin.


May 29th

  • An accident involving SCP-813 leaves Dr. Crow blind. His dog, Pathos, is immediately put into guide dog training.


April 27th

  • The Obskurakorps trials begin in Nuremberg, headed by a fledgling GOC.

August 8th

  • Dr. Crow is called as a witness in the Obskurakorps trials.


January 10th

  • All defendants in the Obskuracorps trials are found guilty of war crimes, conspiracy to create unauthorized anomalies, and crimes against humanity. All are sentenced to death. As Zellweger's whereabouts are unknown, she is tried in absentia.


May 16th

  • "The Fuck-Up"
    • Several ASCI task forces wipe during a mission to contain King Stag.
    • Survivors further screw the pooch by accidentally sabotaging a factory they used to access Diane's catacombs.
    • After which they end up booming the Crossroads Diner. Oops.

May 26th

  • Something happens.

June 5th

  • The FBI unofficially mans an Unusual Incidents Unit to assist the ASCI following the events of May 16th.


November 17th

  • Spicy Crust Pizza is founded.


April 29th

  • The Kraken Protocol is approved
  • Construction of the second Spicy Crust Pizza is go


March 2nd

  • Janice Raymond publishes [MMIE] to rave reviews.

May 1st

  • Having been assigned [MMIE] for gender studies but finding it odd, a young Agatha Yaiko Drummond submits it to Weird Inc.


May 1st

  • The Islamic Republic of Iran establishes the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, a semi-autonomous intelligence and security wing dedicated to the acquisition and management of anomalous objects.


May 1st

  • Farzin Moshiri is appointed director of the ORIA. At this point, ORIA starts leaning to the left, and keeps leaning right up till the 1988 purges.


July 31st

  • "Bloody Thursday".
    • Five ASCI Task Forces dedicated to neutralizing King Stag are killed, resulting in a mass collapse of the tunnels under Diane.

October 22nd

  • Clauses in the Tax Reform Act effectively kill off the ASCI.


July 19th

  • As Iran begins mass executing political dissidents, the ORIA grows just a bit more afraid for its continued existence.

August 1st

  • The ORIA secedes from the Iranian government, citing dissatisfaction with the administration.
  • An official ORIA charter establishes itself as a secular force without borders, dedicated to the reclamation of the Middle East from Western imperialism. At this point, leftist tendencies stop being "tendencies" and start being "ideals".

September 30th

  • Jonathan Clifford, a recent accounting graduate, is hired by the Global Occult Coalition as a clerk.

October 31st

  • Reagan fails to sign the Anomaly Management Act of 1988 after 10 days, and the Unusual Incidents Unit goes from unofficial sub-unit of the FBI to an official bureau in its own right.


August 11th

  • MTF Epsilon ("Lights in the Dark") embark on a three day mission to clear out a French forest of monsters, collaborating with one Jack Lancelot.

August 14th

  • Jack and Hae Ji-Young celebrate the victory the only way they know how.


May 9th

  • Ji-Young gives birth to twins. One of them is a fused, writhing mass of flatworms, and the other one is… normal?

May 12th

  • Iris Thompson and Iris Laskaris are both born in the exact same hospital, in the exact same bed, at the exact same time, to different parents, neither of whom are aware of each other despite the circumstances.


January 1st

  • With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Foundation absorbs GRU-P into itself to create the Russian Branch.
  • Administration is now delegated between separate Level-5 councils depending on the branch, all managed by the "International Branch", Site 01. Administratorship is still a singular position.


January 1st

  • SCP-173 is captured.

March 2nd

  • Alison Chao is born.

April 30th

  • SCP-173 is moved to Site 5.

May 1st

  • Site 5 stops existing.
  • LTE-0099-Green Parallax attacks a GOC site. By sheer dumb luck, Dr. Clifford ends up shooting it through the face. This earns him the nickname "Agent Cliff".

June 22nd

  • SCP-173 is moved to Site 19. The exact means of transfer are unknown.


June 6th

  • Dr. Clifford suffers a back injury during a CI raid on his workplace. Takes to wearing a ukulele across his back to ease his pain, earning him the nickname "Agent Ukulele".

July 21st

  • Dr. Clifford and Specialist Ross have an ill-conceived and thoroughly boring tryst.


March 21st

  • Specialist Ross gives birth to SCP-166, who is quickly sequestered away through SH contacts.


January 2nd

  • Dr. Scranton is knocked into SCP-3001


February 9th

  • Dr. Clifford defects to the Foundation, citing safety concerns and ideological objections. Adopts pseudonym of "Alto Clef".

September 9th

  • Izzy confesses her love for Ripley, who proceeds to reject her on the basis of being straight and having a boyfriend.

September 10th

  • While practicing guitar in the band hall after hours, Ripley's boyfriend comes in and beats the shit out of Izzy, then breaks her guitar.
  • Not wanting to confess what happened, Izzy walks home through rain. However, Dr. Drummond notices her coming in, anyways, and sends her to her room for 'losing' her guitar.
  • Izzy decides she'll never let anyone get the best of her again.


January 1st

  • The 2004 Consensus Reality is put into effect. Notable changes:
    • The "Overt Technological Dependence" clause's requirements are made stricter.

October 31st

  • The Khevtuul 1 probe is launched.

December 12th

  • Development on SCP-2718, a form of quantum resurrection, is authorized by a 12/0/1 Council vote.


August 28th

  • Who was Jared? J finds out.


June 1st

  • Brad introduces Jack to Lyanna. The two get along just fine.

December 14th

  • Iris Thompson's boyfriend is murdered, and Iris is arrested immediately on account of proximity.
  • Iris Laskaris runs away from home.

December 28th

  • Both Iris's are captured, processed, and placed in the same containment cell with different designations. Nobody acknowledges this, for whatever reason.


August 13th

  • Iris is approached to join Omega-7. Thompson says yes, Laskaris says no.

October 1st

  • Mobile Task Force Omega-7 is established, with Iris Thompson and 076-2 as OG members. Hae applies, but fails the admissions tests.


January 1st

  • Sanchez steps down from Administrator, replaced by Ivan Tarkovsky.

January 6th

  • Dr. Clef is assigned to the care of SCP-818

April 19th

  • Dr. Clef sends an email to the Head Researcher concluding that SCP-818 should be decommissioned on account of little research value, high cost of maintenance, and 818's ability to alter the identity of individuals. Email is accidently forwarded to a handful of cleared staff members, including Dr. Kondraki.

July 19th

  • Dr. Gears is promoted to director of Site-19.

October 8th

  • SCP-166 is acquired following a raid on a SH base.

November 1st

  • SCP-166 is registered, with Dr. Dantensen as head researcher.

November 9th

  • 076 deactivates its collar and rampages, triggering a nuclear failsafe.
  • Omega-7 is subsequently disbanded.

December 1st

  • Administrator Tarkovsky concocts a plan to make sure Omega-7 doesn't happen again. To this end, he begins gradually feeding O5-1 misinformation.

December 29th

  • General Bowe is called into an impromptu Ethics Committee meeting. After a brief but polite chat, General Bowe turns to leave and is subsequently shot in the back of the head for crimes against humanity.

December 31st

  • Tammy Lin, the current O5-13, is covertly assassinated by O5-1 and replaced with Nicholas Montes.


February 9th

  • Dr. Kondraki is tasked with decommissioning Duke. He begins immediately.

March 9th

  • Kondraki's fucking pissed at his lack of progress. Downing a third of vodka, he declares "fuck it" and crosses with 682.
  • 682 breaches containment. Oops.


January 22nd

  • The Theta-Unseelie Project is officially approved by an 11/1/1 Council vote.

June 8th

  • At Izzy's suggestion, her and Brad start auditioning for a band. Lyanna brings Jack along after Brad convinces the two to attend, and Sara comes in on a lark.
  • The moment auditions conclude, those three are immediately selected.

November 2nd

  • Lyanna decides on the name "Veronica Katherine Fitzroy" at Izzy's suggestion.


May 19th

  • Containment of SCP-166 is breached.


April 3rd

  • Self Titled is released.

July 1st

  • The Self-Titled Interview happens by complete accident. Nobody minds.

August 5th

  • SCP-166 files an ethics complaint. Shitty bureaucracy shelves it.

October 15th

  • SWJC Lichtenberg holds an art show
  • Zoey's spell breaks
  • Alonso Andino dies.

December 8th

  • 166 files another complaint. This too is ignored.


January 1st

  • Tarkovsky steps down from the role of administrator, and is replaced by Agatha Drummond.
  • The 2014 Consensus Reality is put into effect. Notable changes:
    • "Overt Technological Dependence"'s requirements are further strictened.

February 14th

  • Dr. Dantensen is killed by SCP-166 during an escape attempt.

February 19th

  • SCP-166 is remanded to Area 16. Amenities are cut.

March 28th

  • SCP-2718's development is concluded. The first subject is the late Overseer Roger Sheldon, formerly O5-11 until his death on 30/12/2000.
  • SCP-2718 is a success; however, Dr. Sheldon fails the standard memetics screening, and is kept in indefinite containment.

May 16th

  • An interview with Dr. Sheldon reveals that Sheldon is infected with a Dammerung-Class cognitohazard that either forced him to relive his death as if he was aware, implanted false memories, or let him remember what death was like. Faulty safety regiments lead to infection of 49% of Site 2718.

August 1st

  • A unanimous O5 motion is made to establish Alpha-9. This proposal is immediately rejected by Administrator Drummond, although the veto is subsequently overturned.

August 3rd

  • In a drunken rage, Drummond crashes an O5 meeting to berate them all for going soft, ranting about her time as Site Director during the Omega-7 years.

August 10th

  • Alpha-9 is established, with Iris, 3127, Agent Adams, and Agent Hae as OG members.


May 24th

  • House of Spades performs Dead Pig, Prion Disease, and Lip Gloss at King Butterfly.

May 25th

  • Jack beseeches Bandages for assistance. Fortunately, the house is warded.
  • After a brief conversation, Veronica smacks Bandages onto his ass for touching her arm out of nowhere.

May 26th

  • At midnight, as he's going out, Jack is approached by Bandages for a deal.
  • The deal is made: separation of Izzy and Sara for… free?
  • DCFaDP Release/Veronica's BDay party!
  • Tired of the party already, Ashton goes off to pass out in Sara's (their designated driver) car.
  • Sara's grip slips, and the car careens into the wooded swampland.
  • Ashton dies from serious blunt trauma. Their last words were "Think I'm gonna take a nap. See ya.", spoken to Veronica.

December 12th

  • "Red Monday"
    • An Alpha-9 raid on MC&D's Edinburgh offices goes south when the Contingency is released.
    • Andrea Adams is crushed to death by the Contingency.
    • Iris Thompson possibly stumbles into the wrong display, and either retroactively begins existing, or retroactively verifies the existence of Iris Laskaris.
    • SCP-3127 successfully pacifies the Contingency with her anomalous abilities.
    • Two hours after extraction, SCP-3127 reports feeling ill. Half an hour passes before 3127 spontaneously gives birth to a female piglet and dies from birth complications.
  • Iris Laskaris is crosstested with 3005-lit images, and either retroactively begins existing, or retroactively verifies the existence of Iris Thompson.
  • As all but two members of Alpha-9 are either dead or MiA, Alpha-9 is officially disbanded.

December 13th

  • Senior Researcher D. Yorick, looking over both 105 and 1465, realizes there's a massive problem, the first to do so.

December 19th

  • See You Soon EP is released.

December 25th

  • 3005 breaches containment.


December 24th

  • Dr. Kondraki, somewhat inebriated, declares his affection for Dr. Clef during the Site 19 Holiday Party.


January 6th

  • Highway Ash Preview Concert happens.

January 7th

  • Highway Ash is released.

January 9th

  • Izzy breaks up with Sara.
  • Sara hangs herself a few hours later. Her last words were "Whatever. G-d, I need a smoke.", spoken to Jack after an extensive argument about coffee.

April 16th

  • Clef and Kondraki's second date is delayed on account of Kondraki getting his dick stuck in a bottle.
  • Clef and Kondraki are admitted to the Site 69 ER for bottledick.

April 20th

  • 231-7 gives birth to SCP-999. Personnel Requirements are kept by an 8/4/1 Council vote as part of Operation Green Harpoon.
  • Project Dammerung is automatically rejected on the basis of being an inherent vector for a Dammerung-Class cognitohazard.
  • SCP-3916 is accidently neutralized following an air circulation malfunction.
  • SCP-3396 is successfully neutralized.
  • SCP-3095 is neutralized following the success of a "Voluntary Avian Extinction" movement, despite Foundation efforts to preserve the remaining flock.
  • Universe Branch 22CE/LK$N/12ZX/ASP9 is discovered to have initiated a metaphysical stability study, Project Palisade. Harm to extant branches is minimal.


January 9th

  • 166 escapes containment. Out of spite, she releases several instances of 966 in the process.

January 26th

  • By chance, 166 meets Madam Brinegash.

April 2nd

  • Brinegash replaces 166's form with something new [IWATS].


September 26th

  • D-952 is put before 738 and interviewed. Partway through, she recognizes 738-3 as Bandages, and stabs him in the eye while he's not looking, causing
  • The Yom Kippur Breach
    • A series of explosive death throes cause a Tilted Plane scenario in Site 56.


June 6th

  • The dysentery anomaly begins.

July 2nd

  • The dysentery anomaly is contained.

Just Before the End

  • The last being in the multiverse kills itself.

The End

  • The cycle begins anew.
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