Two Minutes After Midnight Tale

"Midnight", a common name for the nuclear war of 1989, is derived from an old-world method of presenting the likelihood of a man-made catastrophe. This method, known as the "Doomsday Clock", represented the growing chance of a catastrophe as the minutes on a clock leading up to midnight, with midnight being the catastrophe itself.

The Doomsday Clock was reportedly at "one minute to midnight" in 1989. Today, the Doomsday Clock is generally agreed to be at "two minutes after midnight".

Kirsten Hund

Two Minutes After Midnight: An overview of the Third World War.



Two years after the loss of the Berlin Expedition, the Office of Reclamation has announced its decision to send a second Expeditionary Force beyond the Great Curtain to once again attempt to establish a permanent outpost in the old world city of Berlin. In response to concerns about the failure of the previous Expeditionary Force, the Council stepped in to assure that this new force will be "better trained and equipped to deal with the higher than average concentration of anomalies in the German Wastes." Despite the Council and OoR's assurances, many are still skeptical, asking: will this expedition vanish like its predecessor?

Excerpt from the November 8th, 2021 edition of The Lyonpolis Daily

November 15th, 2021, 32 years after Midnight

Wolfsburg Outpost, The Alliance of European States

200km to Berlin

There was a storm on the norther horizon. And it was growing closer.

Miron sighed and put down his binoculars. He thought that the must be Lieutenant insane. They should be waiting out the storm at the Outpost, not trying to outrun it beyond the Curtain. Yet here they were, making the final preparations to leave. Behind him Expeditionary Force soldiers were checking

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