Tufto's Snowbox


1) In the Shadow of the Eel/The Defection (Foundation agent defects during Calcutta mission)
2) Beneath the Frozen Mountainside (Revised ORIA history; Intro to ORIA HQ in Shemiran; Intro of the Project)
3) The Pain of an Old Wound/The Flashback (Flashback to Iranian Revolution, subordination to the IRI, beginnings of the Project)
4) The Mission (In which our defector goes on a mission related to the Project; has gone several months)
5) The Investigation (In which our defector investigates the project)
6) The Devil's Toys/The Truth (In which our defector learns the truth)
7) The Devil's Sword/The Hero Triumphant (In which our defector ends the project, and embarks on a new mission.)

The Project is to mnesticise the world and kill the eel, reversing all the Foundation's amnestics and "liberating people's minds".


Emily Davis, Agent of the Foundation and defector to ORIA
Darius Shirazi, Agent of ORIA
Priya Spivak, Chairwoman of ORIA
Hasan Tehrani, Regional Director of Iranian and Central Asian Affairs of ORIA
Akbar Lal Razdan, Regional Director of South Asian Affairs of ORIA
Sarnai Bat-Erdene, an ORIA Amnestics Expert

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