The Faceless
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Item #: SCP-9876

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9876 is currently under the purview of the Counterconceptual Division, which is employing Containment Task Force Epsilon-19 in the efforts. SCP-9876 was previously contained by a supposed Antimemetics Division and the precedent set by such containment is being tentatively followed.

As such, SCP-9876 is currently contained in-situ in Clearwater Springs, Oklahoma, USA. The relocation of all instances has been deemed to be unfeasible and far exceeds Foundation resources at present. Research into alternatives is on-going.

CTF E-19 is comprised of trackers and field agents assigned to monitor

CTF E-19 …. (monitor town, not receive amnestics, don't get clearance)



Description: SCP-9876 is a collection of 12,000 humanoids, formerly the population of Clearwater Springs, Oklahoma, USA. SCP-9876 all have several anomalous facial features, which are all obscured by a counterconceptual effect, which gives them the appearance of baseline humans under all senses. These facial features include:

  • Complete lack of all hair follicles and hair on the head and face.
  • Smooth skin in place of eye sockets and nose.
    • Despite this, instances of SCP-9876 are able to see and smell under the same capacity of a baseline human. The mechanism of this is unknown, but inhibited by mnestics.
  • Internal ears. This results in instances of SCP-9876 having diminished hearing in comparison to a baseline human.
  • A complete absence of facial blemishes or variance in skin tone. All facial skin is undifferentiated.

SCP-9876 was initially contained by an unknown agency, purporting to be a Foundation department, called the Antimemetics Division. No records of this group — outside of the limited information found in reference to SCP-9876 — exist. Evidently, during the course of containment, Containment Task Force Epsilon-Nineteen was established to manage supervision of SCP-9876, retaining minimal contact with the Antimemetics Division.

At some indeterminate date, the Antimemetics Division stopped receiving communications from CTF E-19 and ceased to give orders. It is unknown what, if anything, happened to them. Containment continued for some time by CTF E-19, although an eventual review noted the suspicious activity related to SCP-9876.

As no anomaly could be immediately discerned among SCP-9876 and CTF Ε-19 did not have knowledge of the anomaly, the Counterconceptual Division gained interest in the anomaly. The Counterconceptual Division quickly discovered the nature of the anomaly through the use of mnestics, and took over primary containment duties.

At present, the Counterconceptual Division is still researching the nature of both SCP-9876 and the alleged Antimemetics Division. Research into both has only begun recently, given the recent rediscovery of the anomaly.

Addenda — Recovered Documentation from Nearby Bunker

The Counterconceptual Division discovered a bunker approximately one kilometer from town limits, bearing manufacturing marks standard to Foundation installations. Various documents were recovered from inside the bunker; a selection follows below, arranged into what is believed to be a chronological order.

████ ███████████
███████ Pharmaceuticals
320 North Park Lane
Clearwater Springs, Oklahoma


███████ Pharmaceuticals Headquarters
320 North Park Lane
Clearwater Springs, Oklahoma

To whom it may concern,

blah blah blah we're amoral dickwads

this is our plan to steal the faces muhahaha

why? good question

████ ███████████


███████ pharmaceuticals headquarters
320 north park lane
clearwater springs, oklahoma


████ ███████████
███████ pharmaceuticals
320 north park lane
clearwater springs, oklahoma

hello ████ ███████████.

i heard of your latest expirement and its abject failure. prompt immediate attention is required.

kindly requisition 600 L of "antimemetic compound b-299" from the mnestic production division, located in chicago. pour the entire quantity of this compound into the clearwater springs water supply along with the special "reagent o-12", as much as you currently have in your current supply stocks. there will be more than enough.

ensure that your mistake is concealed.

once you have confirmed the coverup is complete, please kindly schedule a meeting with me, for a performance review.

Notes: This document indicates the existence of multiple counterconceptual research groups, including some with civilian branches. Additionally, it suggests a degree of understanding of counterconceptual anomalies that may surpass current understanding, with a limited ability to control such phenomena.

This is highly inaccurate. The Counterconceptual Division is the only known counterconceptual research group, and no individuals outside of it have any knowledge with the subject matter. Current research into counterconceptual anomalies is extremely hampered, and very rudimentary.

Furthermore, this document uses the term "antimeme", which appears to be a hapax legomenon1 synonymous with "counterconcept". The origins of this word are unknown.


CALLER: Foundation Embed Deputy Klein

RECIEVER: Operator (Foundation Fieldwork Division Agent)

OPERATOR: Spicy Crust Pizza, may I take your order?

KLEIN: Hi, can I get a, uh … shrimp, Canadian bacon and pineapple to go?

OPERATOR: Please hold as I redirect you to the appropriate line.

KLEIN: Alright, yeah, thanks.

Soft, indeterminable music plays for two minutes.

AGENT: Fieldwork Division. You'd like to make a report?

KLEIN: Yeah, I've been-

AGENT: Name, position, location, serial.

KLEIN: Uh, yeah. Let me get my card…

KLEIN: Jameson Klein, Embedded Operative, Site-5F, C-88152.

AGENT: Thank you, Agent 88152. What is the nature of the anomalous phenomena you've been noticing?

KLEIN: Well, so for the past couple of weeks there've been these weird people all over town. They normally show up in black vehicles, they go into the cafes in pairs, they just keep watching people. They're out on the roads leading outside too. Gotta be… dozens? More?

AGENT: What unusual phenomena have you noticed?

KLEIN: Isn't that unusual in itself?

AGENT: Were there any phenomena which seemed to defy the laws of physics, or generally understood science?

KLEIN: No, just the weird stuff like I said before.

Key typing is heard from the Agent's line.

AGENT: What was your location?

KLEIN: Site-5F. Clear-

AGENT: Clearwater Springs, Oklahoma. Correct?

KLEIN: Yes, thank god. You already know?

AGENT: We are aware of the situation in your town, and it is currently being handled appropriately.

KLEIN: Wait, what?!

AGENT: I cannot comment on your situation.

KLEIN: It's you, isn't it?

AGENT: You are being secured and protected. This line will terminate in five seconds.

Notes: While Deputy Klein is a legitimate embed with the Foundation and the details used are accurate, they have no memory of making this call. No records exist of it with the Foundation. Deputy Klein is familiar with the phenomena they noticed prior to making this call, although all activity is attributed to CTF E-19.

Deputy Klein has voiced an extreme, unexplained reluctance to make another call concerning the same.


Antimemetics Division Records

Reporting Personnel: Doctor ░░░░░░░ ░░, Junior Researcher ░░░░ ░░░░░░░░

Subject: Continued Containment of SCP-9876

Containment of SCP-9876 proceeds according to standard, with little difficulties. Instances have little awareness of continued Foundation containment due to efforts of Containment Task Force Epsilon-19. Instances have been kept inside of Clearwater Springs as reasonably as can be expected, little excursion from town under current protocols.

Continued containment will continue at current levels barring any unforeseen phenomena.

Potential Concerns for Continued Containment:

  • Twenty instances are outside of Clearwater Springs observation zone; further limited monitoring under standard PoI investigation protocols is a must, although budget does not allow for full-term monitoring. No involvement in anomalous phenomena observed at present.
  • Kervier Pharmaceuticals department remains under little investigation. Methodology of creation of SCP-9876 is currently unknown but recovered documentation suggests that more information may be located in a Kervier International Headquarter building.

Requests for Containment:

  1. CTF E-19 is to continue to receive mnestic supply shipments on a monthly basis. Mnestics are of great help in easily spotting activities of SCP-9876 and safeguard for any unforeseen potential escalation in anomalous effect; none have occurred yet but caution is encouraged.
  2. Local Antimemetics Division personnel is understaffed; no known reason. Further personnel requested to bolster numbers. Possible antimemetic loss of personnel from SCP-9876, although inconsistent with understanding of SCP-9876, no memories of missing personnel from mnestic cleared personnel.



ERROR 310: Ticket filed upon 01 Dec 2016 02:12, 155 days ago. Elapsed response time value exceeds limits; manual review necessary.

This file last accessed on ERROR/INVALID.

Foundation personnel currently online: 0.

Every faceless person/group in this SCP:

  • The Antimemetics Division to the Counterconceptual Division
  • The Antimemetics Division to the town
  • The Containment Team to the town
  • Kervier Pharmaceuticals that made people lose their faces to everyone
    • Concealed identity to the town
    • Have been redacted by Counterconceptual Division for perceived irrelevancy
  • The Counterconceptual Division to the Containment Team
  • The Foundation to their embed who happens to be in the town
  • Elevator music that plays when embed is on phone can't be identified; artist is faceless
  • Both Operator and Agent during embed call don't have names
  • Agents that made Antimemetics report were digested even before the Antimemetics Division and have no identity
  • CTF E-19 has no nickname.
  • The identity of 3125, which only makes itself known by eating the Antimemetics Division.
  • And of course, the town itself, but ironically, they have faces.
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