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The Articles

Stories about the Supernatural Affairs Union — people trying their best to keep people safe… usually for money.


  • The Foundation, as well as any other similar organizations, does not exist. At least, not anymore.
  • In terms of the anomalous, only ghosts and cryptids exist. Anomalous objects are rare and are usually relics shrouded in history or folklore (i.e. the Excalibur).
  • There are many known taboos in the world of Supernatural Affairs, and misfortune tends to follow all those who partake in them. They are as follows:
  1. Exploiting live cryptids, be it for profit, knowledge, or simply out of malevolence.
  2. Capturing cryptids. The Earth put them into nature for a reason.
  3. Harvesting the spirits of living beings.
  4. Communicating with the dead outside of one's familial relations.
  5. Using spirits to extend one's own lifespan beyond natural length.
  • The anomalous has no known origin. Things simply are the way that they are.
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