Item #: SCP-4444-J

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: No.

Description: SCP-4444-J is an adult humanoid capable of becoming intangible at will, and have selective control over local gravity. This allows SCP-4444-J to pass through all matter without obstacle, and remain positioned as desired without falling through the ground. SCP-4444-J typically uses this ability to walk through walls, although other periods of behavior have been observed.

SCP-4444-J is completely uncontainable. There are no means known to the Foundation that are capable of concealing SCP-4444-J permanently. As such, the Foundation has completely failed in it's mission objective, and will disband shortly.


Dr. Jones: Hello, SCP-4444-J. This interview is to establish your anomalous properties.

SCP-4444-J: You mean that I can walk through walls?

Dr. Jones: Yes, your ability to walk through walls.

SCP-4444-J: Yeah this weird dude was ranting outside my window about how he sold his sole for jaywalking and I thought that sounded pretty neat.

Dr. Jones: Jaywalking?

SCP-4444-J: No, Faustian pacts.

Dr. Jones: Ah. And you sold your soul for terrible, world-shaking power? The ability to, er, threaten my job? Our very way of life?

SCP-4444-J: Nah, I just baked a cake and gave it to a god-shaped hole. He was pretty cool, said he hadn't had anything to eat but blood and sorrow in a thousand years. Liked the cake, too.

Dr. Jones: Right. Why intangibility?

SCP-4444-J: I lose my keys all the time.

Dr. Jones: That's it?

SCP-4444-J: Yeah. One cake for never needing to worry about my keys again. Pretty good deal.

Dr. Jones: And what do you do with your abilities?

SCP-4444-J: Not need my keys?

Dr. Jones: You haven't thought about committing crimes, or anything?

SCP-4444-J: What? No! That would be illegal, and wrong. Also, way too much work! How would I justify all my illegitimate gains and my massive tax income? That's way too much work for me.

Dr. Jones: Well, you've wound up here, nonetheless.

SCP-4444-J: Speaking about that, when are y'all going to let me go?

Dr. Jones: Never.

SCP-4444-J: Not a fan.

SCP-4444-J becomes intangible and floats out of the containment facility.

Dr. Jones: Fuck!


Proposal: Contain SCP-4444-J in a standard cell.
Results: SCP-4444-J escaped.

Proposal: Contain SCP-4444-J in a three-foot thick titanium-alloy wall cell.
Results: SCP-4444-J escaped.

Proposal: Contain SCP-4444-J in a three-foot and one inch thick titanium-alloy wall cell.
Results: SCP-4444-J escaped.
Notes: SCP-4444-J was notably contained for .4 seconds longer than the previous attempt.

Proposal: Contain SCP-4444-J in a Telekill-alloy cell.
Results: SCP-4444-J escaped.

Proposal: Contain SCP-4444-J in a standard cell, again, just to see if anything has changed.
Results: SCP-4444-J escaped. No change.

Proposal: Contain SCP-4444-J in a standard cell, but tell it they can't escape.
Results: SCP-4444-J did not listen and escaped.

Proposal: Bury SCP-4444-J in $5,000,000 USD of gold bullion.
Results: SCP-4444-J escaped with a large amount of gold bullion.

Proposal: Volunteer to pay SCP-4444-J to stay in a containment cell.
Note: We do not capitulate to anomalies! Have you gone mad?


O5-1: Oh god.

O5-1: Oh fuck.

O5-1: I vote to break the Masquerade.

O5-1: If none of you object, I'll take your votes for a quorum.

O5-1: Motion passes.

Footsteps, as O5-1 gets up to leave.

Extended crashing, as O5-1 trips over the bodies of his fellow council members, who are all lying comatose within the Council Chamber, having consumed excessive amounts of alcohol.


The following message was broadcast by the Administrator across all known forms of communication, to alert the civilian population of the change in Foundation rhetoric. This was decided upon as the best means to break the Masquerade, as determined by a 1-0-12 O5 Council Vote.

Hello world.

My name isn't real. I am an eldritch abomination from beyond-

Oh. Yes, that is fair. This isn't all about myself. This is about the Foundation, and our failure. Our terrible, great, insurmountable failure, from which we will never recover. Oh, how our very mission statement lies in ruins. There is no hope for us now. Whatever shall we do-

Why yes, Clef, I would like some whiskey!

That's very good, nice vintage. Now, where was I?

For years we prided ourselves on our ability to fight against the tide of that which did not belong in the world. We were champions of reasons, hammering reality into a fitting pattern. There were no godly powers too great for us to stop, nothing that we could not contain and fit into a box.

We toppled gods from their thrones. We held the hidden fires. It was us who saught down and slaughtered every little thing that went bump in the night. We were silent guardians of the world, the only reason why the clocks kept ticking and the sun kept rising.

But what is the purpose of a box if it cannot hold something? If even so much as one little anomaly makes it into the public consciousness, then we have failed. There is no point in anything less than totality, for the Masquerade cannot take a challenge to its facade. It is not a real truth. It is a facade, and facades can crumble ever so easily.

Today, we learned of a man no box could hold. And therefore we have failed. There is no point in our existence anymore. Thus ends the Foundation.

Seems we're coming to the end now… Was I supposed to cover anything else in this? Huh? Oh right! Monsters are real and we're about to release a couple thousand onto the world.

Mass rioting and world instability followed from this broadcast, despite it being very calming according to limited focus group testing.


Three days after the Breaking of the Masquerade by the Administrator, the GOC assassinated SCP-4444-J with a single bullet to the head, killing it before it could turn intangible.

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