GAW solves some digital murders

generic GAW chat room

help: help I need


staff be like: should we do that? help people? that doesn't sound like us. but wait! it sorta does

bones: I am concerned you are not handling this matter seriously.
bluntfiend: don't worry we got top men on it
bones: I know who have chosen for this. They are not "top men".
bluntfiend: TOP MEN

gathering info

kkrule: hey there murder victims 😎
harmpit: ssup


kkrule: alright so what do we know
harmpit: they;re al libs

#wandererslibrary [Library Intranet]

harmpit: is thi swhere the serpenth's hand is?
kkrule: snakes don't have hands dumbass
here they find out about the ritual
piss off the hand

#site19 [SCPF Intranet]

need to hack into the foundation to nab a coghaz
they do so successfully
and annoy the foundation


Icky: Hi, kkrule and harmpit. What are you two doing here?
harmpit: spototed
find out about the HAW
would annoy HF if they weren't used to it
Icky: I must warn you… The HAW chatroom is hosted on a place of terrible arts and vile rituals. It is a dark place.


Today at 4:20 PM
eww discord
she was right
Today at 4:20 PM
hwat k ind o cav dweling trogolodyte usses biscord
evil HAW dude
Today at 4:21 PM
who are you fuckers what are you doing in my server do you actually think bernie can win why do i want a quesadilla
Today at 4:20 PM
wow yir like the anti-boens
Today at 4:20 PM
evil HAW dude
Today at 4:21 PM
aren't you like that idiot 15 year old bernie bro with the magic quarters?
Today at 4:20 PM
That was four years ago. I'm the idiot 19 year old bernie bro with the magic quarters now.
Today at 4:20 PM
check oyt this wacy fractle I stole from the foaufntion
omae wa mou shindeiru
Today at 4:20 PM
btw each message I send deposits 25¢ into a bank account linked to Bernie Sanders for each person in this server, of which there are 200

thank you for your time and for the $200 Bernie made today

what was that supposed to do
make you forget all knowledge of the ritual of akolkash
the what


harmpit: we dt it biys
kkrule: racism is no more
bluntfiend: good work boys
bones: They have fucked shit up big time.
bluntfiend: good work boys
bluntfiend: take a vacation you deserve it
kkrule: do you want a summary of what we did
bluntfiend: nah I trust you did a good job
kkrule: good because i don't want to give one



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