The Burning Gut of God

Item #: SCP-5882

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-5882 is a self-maintaining power plant of unknown origin. The object is comprised of a collection of power generating apparatuses with little order. As the object is not connected to any power grid outside of itself, the end purpose of this power is unknown. SCP-5882 does not require any maintenance to function properly.

The object is mostly underground, near Selawick Lake in Alaska. The above-ground section of the object is composed of solar panels, wind turbines, oil pumps, smokestacks and a hydroelectric plant. A single access point is located in the middle of this above-ground portion.

The underground section of the object is mostly unexplored. Explorations revealed the evidence of more power-generating devices and machinery, such as nuclear, coal, steam, geothermal and multiple anomalous methods. Only a single exploration of SCP-5882 has been conducted, which ended fatally for all members involved. As a result, no further explorations of the underground portion are planned.

New apparatuses are routinely added to SCP-5882. None of these additions has ever been observed in real-time. When filmed via camera, new additions were either created outside the current range of SCP-5883 or were exclusively performed underground.

A small community of 97 individuals was found adjacent to SCP-5882. They professed to worship SCP-5882 as divine. Several other objects in containment (SCP-882, SCP-217 and SCP-271) may to relate to this potential "Church of the Broken God".

Addendum: Audio/Telemetry Log Delta-11-5882. This log is from the only exploration of SCP-5882 by Mobile team Zeta-9, the Mole Rats.

Alpha: Approaching the entry point now.

Beta: Odd mix of power. Plenty of clean stuff mixed with tons of smoke. Wonder what it all goes to.

Gamma: Very ramshackle, there's no real logic to how this is put together. Nothing of the sort, it seems.

Delta: Don't trust it.

A: Opening the door now. Entering the building, small landing with an access ladder in the corner. Mostly just monitoring equipment, it seems.

D: Can't make sense of any of the monitoring, it's all too cobbled together. Welded in a bunch of places. Just scraps and broken pieces of equipment.

B: Should we go down?

No response. Grunting and heavy footsteps as the Mole Rats descend the ladder.

A: Have descended into another foyer area. Four tunnels, heading off in a variety of directions. Not cardinal. Lots of exposed steel.

B: North first?

D: Good as any. Going to have to pick one way forward.

The footsteps of the Mole Rats continue until the roar of fire is heard. Speech is barely intelligible over the sound of the flames.

A: North tunnel leads over a coal foundry. Coal falls from an access shoot in the ceiling into fire. Everything is automated, just pushing coal into the fires.

G: Loud as hell, creepy too. There's no sign there's been anyone in here for years. No lights, just the fires.

Footsteps continue. The fire does not grow any quieter.

G: It goes on forever.

A: Let's keep moving. Mark our location so we can find our way back out.

D: On it.

Scraping of metal on metal. Clear over the sound of fire.

A: Good. Keep moving forward.


B: Is that an exit door?

G: Oh thank god.

A: There is a small, covered exit door off the to the side of the corridor. The coal fires appear to extend indefinitely. We are taking the exit door.

Addendum: Interrogation Log Delta-12-5882. This log is with a survivor of the small community that was discovered living adjacent to SCP-5882.

Dr. Gears: Please, take a seat. And state your name for the record.

Mr. Wing: Logan Wing.

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