Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Tiferet

Special Containment Procedures: The current understanding of SCP-001 is that it is inimical to the continued existence of humanity. While there are several hypothesized downsides to the existence of SCP-001[1], the overall benefits construed by its existence and presence in reality are a net positive to normalcy.

Furthermore, the Ethics Committee has summarily ruled that the containment or neutralization of SCP-001 would be tantamount to omnicide, and thus not to be attempted in any form.

Description: SCP-001 is a metaphysical entity responsible for the generation of all life in the known universe. SCP-001 has only been directly observed on a minimal number of occasions and had a different appearance during each.

Generally, SCP-001 has been described as a living entity, of varying size and shape. Visually, SCP-001 is typically described as emitting large amounts of light. SCP-001 carries a potent visual cognitohazard that renders those who directly observe it under any sense calm,

SCP-001 is a Class-X+1 biokinetic entity, capable of complete and total alteration of living biomatter. There are no known limits on this ability, and SCP-001 is capable of complete transfiguration of any living entity. This ability does not function on corpses.

It is not currently theorized that SCP-001 is directly responsible for the creation of all (if any) life in the universe. Rather, it is theorized that SCP-001 is the embodiment of a metaphysical force that allows for the violation of "baseline" physics, which in turn, allows for the existence of life in the universe. Without this force, various physical laws and property prevent the accumulation and expenditure of energy in the quantities necessary to sustain life.

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