Item #: SCP-BEEP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-BEEP is a humanoid perfectly synced to a counterpart in an alternate reality (designated SCP-BEEP-2). All actions taken by SCP-BEEP be taken by SCP-BEEP-2, and vice-versa. The synchronicity of these interactions has been verified with various forms of cross-universal observance, in addition to testimony from SCP-BEEP.

However, despite the perfect synchronicity of SCP-BEEP to SCP-BEEP-2, baseline reality has major differences from the home reality of SCP-BEEP-2. Estimations indicate that as little as 5% of SCP-BEEP-2's reality linearly corresponds to baseline reality. Differences include dramatically different topography1, radically different dialects2, and …

Occasionally, anomalous effects will manifest when SCP-BEEP-2 acts or is acted upon by a force within its reality with no equivalent in baseline reality. These anomalous effects ensure that SCP-BEEP and SCP-BEEP-2 remain in perfect synchronicity. A list of various examples follows:

Date Anomalous Phenomena
23.10.2004 Three stab wounds appear on SCP-BEEP's lower torso, with no apparent cause. SCP-BEEP reacts with surprise and comments upon the sudden nature of the injury. Paramedics arrive shortly after and are able to quickly staunch the bleeding and perform medical care.

It is believed that the inverse of SCP-BEEP's anomalous phenomena occur to SCP-BEEP-2 (the manifestation of anomalies where SCP-BEEP reacts to phenomena in baseline with no equivalent in baseline reality).

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