Stormbreath Staffwork


  • Worked on Lists 2 and 3 of Wikiwalk.
  • "stormbreath was my most dependable Wikiwalk staff member, going as far as to tackle a full 1/3rd of the content and a solid chunk of List II."
  • Finished Wikiwalk by hunting down the last few articles that had Wikiwalk timers active and getting those edits cleared up.
  • Added the Wikiwalk Footer to SCPs 3701-3999, as well as 4700-4799.
  • Current Section Header of Wikiwalk Subteam of MAST.


  • Current Section Header of Wikiwalk MAST Subteam.
  • Worked on Backlinks Project for Wikiwalk.
  • Joined the Collab Pruning Subteam, worked on the Unexplained Locations log.
    • Converted page out of deprecated and complicated listpages/forms that had been previous into raw text (ListPages/Forms allowed for individual rating but could not be maintained by either Tech or MAST).
    • Pruned the log for bad entries.


  • Active in #site34 to answer questions.
  • Contacted original author of Borrasca to confirm questions of authorship in plagiarism case.


  • Available in #site11 to answer questions and help users with information and formatting, as well as the Questions Desk forum.
  • Active in discussions on the Tech Team discord, contributing to discussions held by Tech there.
  • Updated Pet Theme for mobile compliance and updated for CSS Policy Update.
  • Updated Broken Masquerade for mobile compatibility, and to comply with CSS Policy Update
    • Changed Inclusion method to [[include]] from @import for these themes
  • Found errors and typoes in Sigma-9 and reported them on the GitHub
  • Proposed the [[div class="blockquote"]] CSS update for Sigma-9, allowing for an official quote block substitute with improved function.
  • Worked on tag update project
  • Proposed and implemented several tags (the most notable of which being the video tag, for articles that have an embedded video.)
  • Approved and critted multiple themes, as they are put forward.
  • Created the Plant Theme for April Fool's 2020.
  • Worked on enforcement of CSS Policy by removing noncompliant themes and instructing users how to go through the approval process.
  • Proposed and implemented the theme:_404 page function.
  • Approved and implemented various tags in the character/normal threads, following change in permissions.


  • Frequently active in policy discussions on 05 Command, adding to discussions and responding in policy proposals when they come up.
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