Item #: SCP-9999

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9999 is to be kept in a

Description: SCP-9999 is anomalous entity composed of sewage, assorted bovine and porcine remains, and human blood, originally recovered from located in Bubbly Creek, Chicago. The blood comprising SCP-9999 is fibrous and semisolid, with the sewage being accumulated into the mass of this fibrous blood matter. SCP-9999 is able to manipulate the viscosity this fibrous blood matter, allowing it to temporarily become fluid.

SCP-9999 is known to have been created from a human being and it is currently theorized that the initial mental state of SCP-9999 was inherited from this human. It is suspected that shortly after creation, SCP-9999 was at least partially cognizant and able to communicate, but its mental state has deteriorated as a result of its current state.


Fig 1.1. Photograph recovered from Chicago Spirit. Depicts Bubbly Creek around time of SCP-9999's creation and mention of SCP-9999.

SCP-9999 has an amorphous body shape but is capable of altering its form. Generally, it tends to take the form of an amorphous quadruped but occasionally takes on a more human body shape. This is associated with moments of greater lucidity and awareness on the part of SCP-9999, as well as pained vocalizations and screaming.

SCP-9999 was unintentionally created in 1882 by SCP-046-ARC1 during the anomalous murder of a rival paperboy. SCP-046-ARC has claimed the death of this rival was accidental, but no evidence exists to support these allegations. For more information, consult Interview Log-046-9999.

Currently, preliminary and unspecific knowledge of SCP-9999 is circulated throughout Chicago, as part of the legacy rumors surrounding the Chicago Spirit. While several details of SCP-9999 cannot be confirmed as true or false, others have been determined to be entirely false. As such, it has been decided that these rumors do not represent a threat to normalcy.

Addendum 9999.1 — Interview Log-046-9999

Interviewer: Dr. Thatcher
Interviewee: SCP-046-ARC

Dr. Thatcher: Hello, Mr. Chappell. How are you doing today?

SCP-046-ARC: What kind of question is that?

Dr. Thatcher: Fair enough. I was hoping -

SCP-046-ARC: Listen, I'm not telling you shit. The Spirit is still out there in some form, and I'm not hurting my boys for when they come to bust me out.

Dr. Thatcher: Mr. Chappell, the Chicago Spirit has not existed for ten years ago and was not capable of breaking you out of a Foundation facility even before your containment.

SCP-046-ARC: I don't believe you.

Dr. Thatcher: Very well. I'd like to talk to you about one of the earliest anomalies of your career-

SCP-046-ARC: It was Night. I keep telling you, it was Night. Always Night.

Dr. Thatcher: We have found no witnesses to corroborate the existence of this alleged "Mr. Night". In any case, we would like to talk about Rudy Benson.

SCP-046-ARC: Shit. That was me, for the most part.

Dr. Thatcher: So you admit that you do have anomalous capabilities in some capacity?

SCP-046-ARC: No! I can't pull tricks, only Night could. That was with a Wand Night gave to me.

Dr. Thatcher: As always.

SCP-046-ARC: Why don't I take it from the top, okay? I was a newsie in my youth, before all of the crime and everything. I had this little corner on Lake Shore Avenue, and I was the best newsie in the city. Sold the most papers, everything. Even got some of the adults to acknowledge. I was going to go far in that business, become a journalist.

Course, I never did become a journalist. I think that ended up being better for me in the end, but I sure as hell wouldn't be sitting here today if I was a mudraker.

Addendum 9999.2 —
During an automated test of a Foundation artificially intelligent conscript, a correlation was detected between time periods when

During a 1980 review of RAISA information recovered concerning the Chicago Spirit, the photograph at right was discovered. An automated memetics scan indicated that the image possessed a low grade cognitohazard, capable of implanting a limited degree of information into a viewer regarding SCP-9999.

It was discovered that viewing this photograph is associated with moments of enhanced lucidity and humanoid body plan in SCP-9999, more pronounced than any other observation in the past. Further analysis of prior periods in which SCP-9999 had a more humanoid form appear to correspond to periods when the popularity of the urban legend surrounding SCP-9999 was higher.


  • sometimes it's painful to remember
  • urban legends keep the spirit of people alive
  • you die twice - once when you go X_X and the other when your name is spoken for the last time
  • created in 1880s, barely alived, beast
  • as Spirit rises to power, remembers self
  • becomes a swampthing in the '10s-'30s, mostly human
  • as Spirit is shattered, goes down
  • currently mostly bestial
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