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Item #: SCP-9999

Object Class: Keter


Fig 1.1. Current Location of SCP-9999.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9999 is currently uncontained, and is located in Bubbly Creek, Chicago. Until the time when SCP-9999 can be successfully and fully contained, Special Containment Procedures focus on the minimization of sporadic sightings and the concealment of the existence of SCP-9999.

Any witnesses to SCP-9999 are to be administered a Class-C amnestic to remove memory of SCP-9999, and any recorded evidence is to be confiscated or destroyed. News media in Chicago is to be monitored for mentions of SCP-9999 or Rudy Benson for information. Mentions of Rudy Benson should be recorded.

Containment of SCP-9999 has been mitigated by the need for a Mobile Containment Unit capable of both entrapping and holding SCP-9999. Traditional methods such as cages are infeasible, and SCP-9999 requires a holding tank to be transported. However, no easily transportable and concealable MCU exists, meaning that SCP-9999 at present cannot be contained. Research into the development of an appropriate containment unit is ongoing.

Description: SCP-9999 is anomalous entity composed of sewage, assorted bovine and porcine remains, and human blood, currently located1, Chicago. The blood comprising SCP-9999 is fibrous and semisolid, with the sewage being accumulated into the mass of this fibrous blood matter. SCP-9999 is able to manipulate the viscosity of this fibrous blood matter, allowing it to temporarily become fluid.

SCP-9999 is known to have been created from a human being and it is currently theorized that the initial mental state of SCP-9999 was inherited from this human. It is suspected that shortly after creation, SCP-9999 was at least partially cognizant and able to communicate, but its mental state has deteriorated as a result of its physical condition. SCP-9999 is generally reclusive and tends to primarily spend time on the riverbed or otherwise obscured.


Fig 2.1. Photograph recovered from Chicago Spirit. Depicts Bubbly Creek around time of SCP-9999's creation and mention of SCP-9999.

SCP-9999 has an amorphous body shape but is capable of altering its form. Generally, it tends to take the form of an amorphous quadruped but occasionally takes on a more humanoid body shape. This is associated with moments of greater lucidity and awareness on the part of SCP-9999.

SCP-9999 was unintentionally created in 1882 by SCP-046-ARC2 during the anomalous murder of a rival paperboy. SCP-046-ARC has claimed the death of this rival was accidental, but no evidence exists to support these allegations. For more information, consult Interview Log-046-9999.

Currently, preliminary and unspecific knowledge of SCP-9999 is circulated throughout Chicago, as part of the legacy rumors surrounding the Chicago Spirit. While several details of SCP-9999 cannot be confirmed as true or false, others have been determined to be entirely false. As such, it has been decided that these rumors do not represent a threat to normalcy.

Addendum 9999.1 — IL-046/9999

Interviewer: Dr. Thatcher
Interviewee: SCP-046-ARC

Dr. Thatcher: Hello, Mr. Chappell. How are you doing today?

SCP-046-ARC: What kind of question is that?

Dr. Thatcher: Fair enough. I was hoping -

SCP-046-ARC: Listen, I'm not telling you shit. The Spirit is still out there in some form, and I'm not hurting my boys for when they come to bust me out.

Dr. Thatcher: Mr. Chappell, the Chicago Spirit has not existed for ten years and was not capable of breaking you out of a Foundation facility even before your containment.

SCP-046-ARC: I don't believe you.

Dr. Thatcher: Very well. I'd like to talk to you about one of the earliest anomalies of your career-

SCP-046-ARC: It was Night. I keep telling you, it was Night. Always Night.

Dr. Thatcher: We have found no witnesses to corroborate the existence of this alleged "Mr. Night". In any case, we would like to talk about Rudy Benson.

SCP-046-ARC: Shit. That was me, for the most part.

Dr. Thatcher: So you admit that you do have anomalous capabilities in some capacity?

SCP-046-ARC: No! I can't pull tricks, only Night could. That was with a Wand Night gave to me.

Dr. Thatcher: As always.

SCP-046-ARC: Why don't I take it from the top, okay? I was a newsie in my youth, before all of the crime and everything. I had this little corner on Lake Shore Avenue, and I was the best newsie in the city. Sold the most papers, everything. Even got some of the adults to acknowledge. I was going to go far in that business, become a journalist.

Course, I never did become a journalist. I think that ended up being better for me in the end, but I sure as hell wouldn't be sitting here today if I was a muckraker.

Anyway, I'm working as a newsie. All the others are getting jealous of me - remember, in that business, everybody knew who everybody else was. And well, we both know I'm not the quiet and reserved type, am I? So everybody knows me, knows I'm the best there is. Start to get a little jealous of ol' Dickie Chappell, want to knock him down a few pegs.

Enter Rudy fuckin' Benson. He comes along and decides he wants my corner, but I'm not going to give it up, am I? Can't do that, I'm Richard Chappell, this is my turf. He and his boys come along and grab me. I'm fighting and screaming like hell, and they drag me all the way down to Bubbly Creek and throw me in.

Back then, I ain't got any idea on how to swim. Do know, because of this story. But back then? I'm drowning.

I would have died if this man hadn't jumped into the river and pulled me out. There was something off about him, I could tell just from a single glance. That was Mr. Night, the first time I ever met him.

Dr. Thatcher: No evidence to verify the existence of this "Mr. Night" has been found. None.

SCP-046-ARC: Fuck you want me to do about that?

Anyway, Night gives me this little whistle, tells me to go up to Rudy and blow it. Do it by Bubbly, and everything would go just swimmingly for me. Not so swimmingly for Rudy Benson was the implication, right?

So I do it. I confront Rudy on the banks, I blow the whistle and it's … different. It's shrill, it hurts to hear, but that's not all that's happening. Rudy's bleeding from everywhere: eyes, mouth, nose, skin's breaking up and blood is just coming out of this kid. His gang scatters, they're afraid of me now.

I'm Richard Chappell. Nobody fucks with me.

Dr. Thatcher: Is that the end of the story?

SCP-046-ARC: Sure is. Nowadays, the only thing people remember about Rudy Benson is that I killed him. And we made sure that everybody knows about him in the Spirit. Gotta keep the memory of little Rudy alive, don't we?

Dr. Thatcher: I see.

SCP-046-ARC: So, what is this about?

Dr. Thatcher: You aren't cleared for that information.

SCP-046-ARC: What? You tell me right now that the hell this is about! Why the fuck do you care about this! What happened to Rudy Benson!

Dr. Thatcher: We're done here.

Addendum 9999.2 — ?????? ???????

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