Item #: SCP-&

Object Class: Euclid // Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-&-1 is to be kept in a Mark III-L Containment Locker at Site-17. SCP-&-1 is to be stored without power in its containment facility, with the keys stored in a Mark I-S Containment Locker also located at Site-17. Access to SCP-&-1 is only to be granted with prior approval by an O5 Councilmember as well as the current Temporal Anomalies Chairperson. (Currently Thaddeus Xyank)

Testing of SCP-&-1 has currently been suspended by O5 Command.

SCP-&-2 has been neutralized. Prior containment procedures are rendered null.

Description: SCP-&-1 is a vehicle of uncertain origin, believed to originate from an alternate but similar timeline. SCP-&-1 is a car with extensive presumed modifications that allow it to travel forwards in time in controlled ways, as well as sideways in uncontrolled ways.1 While SCP-&-1 is similar to cars produced by the Ford brand and bears manufacturing marks of that brand, it does not match any cars produced by that brand.

SCP-&-1 was heavily damaged upon arrival into our timeline and has only been able to travel for short instances into the future. Time-travel using SCP-&-1 is one-way, and cannot be used to alter the past. Thus, the usage of SCP-&-1 does not present danger of a temporal paradox and is a low priority temporal anomaly.

Researchers who utilize SCP-&-1 report experiencing anomalous dreams showing them events that occurred during the time period they "skipped" using SCP-&-1. These visions are random and do not appear to have any relation to the user or their location before using SCP-&-1. These visions typically represent arbitrarily important events.2 All visions that have been checked have been cross-referenced as being correct.

SCP-&-2 is an anomalous humanoid that was the original pilot of SCP-&-1, attempting to use the device when it arrived in our timeline. SCP-&-2 claims to be a scientist who departed the year 2031, and traveled for short periods into the future. However, they lost control of SCP-&-1, and arrived in our timeline. SCP-&-2 is unable to explain how they were able to alternate timelines, having only built SCP-&-1 to travel forward in time.

SCP-&-2 has numerous, minor differences from baseline humans, which have led to it's designation as an SCP object rather than a PoI. None of the anomalies possessed by SCP-&-2 relate to temporal anomalies or manipulation.3

  • SCP-&-2 is resistant to the majority of memetic and cognitohazardous effects utilized by the Foundation, as well as the majority of other such effects tested. No response has been indicated when SCP-&-2 was tested.
  • SCP-&-2 is immune to all amnestics employed by the Foundation.
  • SCP-&-2's DNA is 99.4% similar to non-anomalous humanoids.
  • SCP-&-2 has several health defects but claims these defects do not exist in their baseline timeline or are typical in their original reality. These include: lactose intolerance, sociopathy, numerous allergies, and egoistic personality disorders.

Since arriving in our timeline, SCP-&-2 has claimed to be experiencing unusual dreams, believed to be similar to those normally experienced after the usage of SCP-&-1. Relating to SCP-&-2's cross-timeline travel using SCP-&-1, these dreams are theorized to represent alternate timelines. Many of these timelines have undergone K-Class scenarios of varying types and in a variety of chronological positions in comparison to our own, with some being in the relative future and others being in the relative past. The general content of these dreams is similar to dreams normally experienced by users of SCP-&-1.

Addendum &.1: On XX/XX/XX, SCP-&-2 escaped during a mass containment breach involving [REDACTED FOR SECURITY] and gained access to a Foundation computer terminal. SCP-&-2 was able to input an access code gained through unidentified means4 and accessed the file for SCP-████. While the cognitohazardous guards of the page were deployed, they did not take effect upon SCP-&-2, who was able to gain access to the page. As information concerning SCP-████ is highly restricted, Foundation Security Personnel were immediately deployed.

However, SCP-&-2 was able to escape Site-17 and escape to the outside world. It remained free for a period of eight months, at which point it contacted Foundation personnel and returned to Foundation control. It requested an interview with an individual with clearance for SCP-████,
which was granted.

Two days following the interview, SCP-&-2 was found dead within its containment cell, having committed suicide by hanging itself using its bed sheets. Further information regarding SCP-&-2's relation to SCP-████ is sealed under Level 4/& Clearance.

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