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The following file was given to this iteration of the Department of Extra-Universal Affairs from an equivalent in Universe B-2004-β. The information contained within does not represent baseline reality (Universe A-173-Alpha). All redactions were present in the original file from B-2004-β.

Item #: SCP-8888

Object Class: Archon

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-8888 is a pair of anomalous phenomena affecting the production of SCP-8888-A. By itself, SCP-8888-A has been determined to be nonanomalous. SCP-8888-A is carbonized soft drink with an aquamarine color and a tropical lime flavor, with the designation of SCP-8888-A covering a wide variety of slight deviations. The most common variant of SCP-8888-A is commercially sold and marketed as Mountain DewTM Baja Blast by PepsiCo.

SCP-8888-1 is a global phenomenon inhibiting the artificial synthesis of SCP-8888-1. Despite the ability of recipes to produce SCP-8888-A in regions not affected by SCP-baja-11, such recipes will produce SCP-8888-B in the presence of SCP-8888-1. SCP-8888-B is an uncarbonated liquid which a taste exclusively described as "battery acid". No other descriptors have ever been applied to SCP-8888-B, and it is believed to be a low-grade cognitohazard.

SCP-8888-2 is a phenomena affecting Hartman Geyser, located in Baja California. The surrounding area of Baja Blast Geyser is composed of non-anomalous silicates and calcium compounds, as well as several cationic metallic particles, which hold their charge despite being grounded; these particles partially act as a catalyst for SCP-8888-2.

Natural processes in and around Hartman Geyser result in the production of SCP-8888-A in the well of the Hartman Geyser. Once per year, in late August, the Hartman Geyser will erupt, colloquially referred to as "The Baja Blast".

Addendum 8888.1: History and Cultural Significance of SCP-8888-A

SCP-8888-2 is believed to have been created in the aftermath of the 001-Apotheosis Event, in which SCP-001 was partially assembled near La Paz, Mexico in late 1942. During this event, anomalous side effects of the primary anomaly's presence created SCP-8888.

SCP-8888-1 is believed to have always existed.

[discovered in the 50's by PepsiCo, noted for extreme similarity to base mountain dew flavor]
[marketed as a luxury, high end soft drink, gained popularity as a nonalchoholic formal beverage]
[foundation investigates around this time but doesn't do a very good job, concludes it is nonanomalous]
[stock market crash of 2008 caused when PepsiCo failed to bottle the blast, causing their stock to crash. since they're a pretty large company, that had ramifications]

Addendum baja.2: Discovery of Anomalous Nature

The initial indication of SCP-8888 was recovered during a meeting between the Department of Extra-Universal Affairs of baseline reality and an equivalent from B-173-Alpha. An excerpt from this meeting follows below:


Trevor Bailey (B-2004-β): I'm going to go get something to drink, we can continue the religious symbol trading when I get back. Want anything?

Trevor Bailey (A-173-α): What do you have?

Trevor Bailey (Β-2004-β): Oh, the usual. Beer, wine, Baja Blast, water, tea, whatever you want.

Trevor Bailey (A-173-α): Baja Blast?

Trevor Bailey (Β-2004-β): Good choice, that was what I was just about to get myself.

Trevor Bailey (Α-173-α): No, is that fancy in this universe?

[anomalous nature is indicated by extradimensional contact]
[anomaly confirmed in full with Humes]
[containment initiatives begin in full at this point]
[two paragraphs for containment]

Addendum 8888.3: Religious Significance of SCP-8888-A

Further analysis of the cultural significance of SCP-8888-A has indicated one prominent connection to a known anomalous group - specifically, the Church of the Broken God. Several notable ancient Mekhanist make reference to a drink with similar attributes to SCP-8888-A, describing it as the chosen drink of Mekhane and equivalent to the nectar of the Olympian Gods. The relevance of Mekhane having a preferred drink is never explained.

It is currently unknown how SCP-8888-A was produced during the ancient Mekhanist period, but it is believed that another instance of SCP-8888-2 existed during that time period. This instance was likely destroyed but might be SCP-2217.

Modern-day Mekhanist groups are divided on the interpretation of SCP-8888-A. While GoI-004C ("Church of Maxwellism") has adopted SCP-8888-A as a sacred beverage, GoI-004B ("Cogwork Orthodox Church") has entirely rejected SCP-8888-A, claiming that the relevant scripture is noncanonical. GoI-004A ("The Broken Church") remains divided on the issue, being a point of debate in the Church.

An excerpt from the GoI-004C Book of Upgrades regarding SCP-8888-A follows below:


Addendum baja.4: O5-Council Deliberations

The O5 Council, as part of their regular meetings, discussed containment of scp-8888

O5-4: Baja Blast is anomalous? The luxury, high end soda?

**O5-2:* As trivial as the matter seems, it is indeed an anomaly, and an unavoidable one, it seems.

O5-6: Containment is difficult, to say the least. Baja Blast has become a well-integrated piece of normalcy. We could shut down PepsiCo and remove all Baja Blast from circulation, but that would inevitably raise questions.

O5-11: But allowing an anomaly to remain in common circulation is untenable. We cannot allow this system to remain. Simply put, we have to do something about this.

O5-7: Let me remind the Council that the continued existence of Pepsi is vital to the containment of both SCP-████ and SCP-████, and is mandated by the procedures of both.

O5-1: And a containment breach of the first would be rather unfortunate, to say the least. The second not so much.

O5-8: That's putting aside the gravity of destroying a Fortune 500 company for something that is nonanomalous by itself. Getting rid of Pepsi might not even do anything - the rights to Mountain Dew could be sold off in their closure.

O5-3: Have we considered using the Ennui Protocol to contain this anomaly?

O5-8: Yes, but it won't be feasible. Ennui is only effective in containing conceptual anomalies, or convincing the public that an anomaly is not anomalous. The public already believes it is not.

O5-10: That gives me an idea. We allow it to go uncontained for the time being. But the next time we kick turn 2000 on and restart society, we can contain it then. There are several anomalies in containment that were once considered to be a part of normalcy, before other resets. It's what we currently plan to do concerning the Gulf of Mexico.

O5-1: It's worked well in the past

O5-6: Simple enough. How long is that list of stuff we'll need to contain the next reboot growing, in any case?

O5-13: It is currently three hundred and fifty one items long.

O5-10: Most of it minor, correct?

O5-13: Less than ideal.

O5-1: Let's put it to a vote. Show of hands?


O5-1: Motion passes. Anomaly will be uncontained until the next usage of SCP-2000.

Addendum baja.5: Similar Phenomena

multi-u finds another dimension's baja blast


Trevor Bailey (Μ-121948-δ): I'm going to go get something to drink, we can continue the religious symbol trading when I get back. Want anything?

Trevor Bailey (A-173-α): That'd be great, thank you.

Trevor Bailey (B-2004-β): What do you have?

Trevor Bailey (Μ-121948-δ): Oh, the usual. Beer, wine, Mountain Dew, water, tea, whatever you want.

Trevor Bailey (Β-2004-β): Mountain Dew?

Trevor Bailey (Α-173-α): Oh god, not again.

Trevor Bailey (Μ-121948-δ): Good choice, that was what I was just about to get myself.

Trevor Bailey (Β-2004-β): No, is that fancy in this universe?

Trevor Bailey (A-173-α): The Pataphysicists were wrong! God isn't a horror writer, he's a hack!
stormbreath (scp-wiki): Guilty as charged.

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