We Need to Talk About the Antimemetics Division

O5's meet to talk about AD and discover each of them has their own personnel antimemetics division

  1. The Unthinkables
  2. The Extracognitive Division
  3. Ara Orun
  4. The Counterconceptual Division
  5. MTF "The Unforgettables"
  6. The Antimemetics Division
  7. The Department of Miscommunications
  8. the ONE o5 without a division
  9. The Thingamajiggers-that-you-can't-recall Division

"I have heard word that there is a group in the Foundation responsible for the containment of 'self keeping secrets' - ideas that can't be remembered or spread. Worringly, they wiped themselves from all records, and have been operating in secret. Have any of you heard of this?"

"Ah yes, the Antimemetics Divsion."

"Oh yes, I remember approving a division for that. The Unthinkables, they were called. Started back in the 50's, we acquired them from a US governmental institution. They told me that if they ever disappeared entirely without a trace to not worry about them because the same might happen to me. They did, and I listened. No idea what happened to them."

"And you didn't look into it?" O5-12 leaned, staring at O5-1.

"Literally what did they tell me?"

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