Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-19. Testing has currently been suspended, and SCP-001 should not be removed from the locker.

Description: SCP-001 is a harpe1 made of an indeterminable indestructible metal, originally discovered in Delphi, Greece. The edges of SCP-001 appear to be made out of flint, but this cannot be confirmed, as no samples can be extracted from SCP-001.

Atomic analysis of SCP-001 reveals that all base particles that compose SCP-001 are permanently locked in relation to each other, on as microscopic of a level as can be determined. The electrons, protons and neutrons of SCP-001 do not change in relation to each other, and cannot be moved by any means known to current science. The constituent quarks of SCP-001 cannot be measured, but are believed to share this property. SCP-001 behaves as would typically be expected, with no clear effects of this property beyond the subatomic level.

In addition to being physically indestructible, SCP-001’s edges taper to a single proton in width. Combined with the subatomic fixation of SCP-001, this allows SCP-001 to split objects in half, on a subatomic level. Typically, this would be expected to result in the release of large amounts of nuclear energy, but no such release occurs. Thermal and radiation imaging indicates that this energy is quickly absorbed by SCP-001, but no change in SCP-001’s temperature or radiation levels has been observed.

SCP-001 does not release energy in any form, but can be perceived as though if it were non-anomalous by all senses. While SCP-001 is visible in photographs and film, in-depth analysis of the media indicates that pixels that represent SCP-001 are in fact void and carry the same effect as SCP-001.

Unauthorized personnel see an end of file here.

Special Containment Procedures: The following Special Containment Procedures, History and Addendum are to be made accessible only within the Site-01 air-gapped network and restricted to a Level 5+ Clearance Level. A single copy has been given to the Chaos Insurgency; it is trusted that they will follow the directives contained within.

Any action taken with regard to SCP-001 is only to come at the unanimous approval of O5-1, O5-2 and the Engine of the Chaos Insurgency. Any and all access of SCP-001 by O5-7, O5-8, O5-9, O5-10, O5-11, O5-12, O5-13 or the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency is strictly forbidden under any circumstances. Violation of this order will result in immediate termination, personally handled by O5-1 with SCP-001.

SCP-001 is to be treated as a standard Safe-Class anomaly at all lower clearance levels.

Description: Unchanged.

History: Known to all approved readers of this file, none of whom will ever forget.


O5-13: I was in the middle of reviewing containment procedures for SCP-3377 when you called us here. What was so dramatically important that it needed all of our attentions?

O5-2: SCP-2846 is currently breaching, and I need to attend to that - obviously. If we could keep this short, that would be good.

The Administrator: Of course. I summoned you here today to let you known that we found something that we have been searching for for a very long time, since the dawn of this Foundation.

O5-1: There are only a few things it can be then.

The Administrator: It belonged to your father.

O5-13: Which father? There are two generations represented here, good man. Two fathers!

O5-6: Three.

The Administrator: Both fathers you referred to wielded it.

O5-8: Oh my. There is only one thing it can be, then, and it is delightful.

O5-6: The weapon of my genesis?

The Administrator: Precisely.

O5-1: So it does not linger in Tartarus after all.

The Administrator: No, it was buried under a stone at the center of the world.

O5-4 chuckles.

O5-4: Our dear little brother, as mother would say?

O5-1: Grandmother told me a story, once. That like my father, and his father before him, doom would come to me by that jagged sickle. I have spent millennia in fear of it.

O5-3: Perhaps those fears would have been ameliorated if you hadn’t been a πόρνη, One.

O5-1: Oh quiet you, you know I have no power at the hands of Six.

The Administrator: What do you wish to do with it?

O5-1: Seal it away, so it can never be used as a weapon of my demise.

O5-5: It would do us well to tell our brother and my daughter of the recovery.

O5-1: Yes, that is true. He has likely been searching for it himself for a long time. Twelve? Do so at once.

O5-12: Celer ibo atris iaunis Chai. Facilis descensus Averno!

O5-7: Wisdom would suggest that we keep this matter concealed from our subordinates. It could be traced back to our true identities.

O5-1: Agreed.

The Administrator: It shall be done. I think this matter is finished?

O5-1: I certainly agree, and I would challenge those who don’t.

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