SPC-4003 - On Striking, Sharkicism, and Selechians
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SPC-4003 is currently ACTIVE.

GOLDEN DUKE is kept at the Shrine of the Righteous and Harmonious Fists. All Centre pugilists are to undergo mandatory visits to the Shrine every five years.

Project #: SPC-4003

Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities: SPC-4003 has led to a better understanding of Selachian entities and the pugilistic sciences. Pugilists exposed to SPC-4003 experience an increase in pugilistic prowess, durability, stamina, and speed; regular exposure to active Marine Fighting Teams is recommended to occur every two months.

In spite of this, SPC-4003's existence has raised doubt in core areas of the Centre's operation and its fundamental principles. Key points of confusion include:

  • The source of the Pugilist Manifesto's writings.
  • The uncertainty over the existence of precursor Centre organizations and their engagement in Selachian pugilism.
  • The rumored love affair between Centre High Pugilord Will-helm Frederick and Abyssal Sharkicist Grand Sauroid Proton.

The Order of Parapugilists is undergoing extensive deliberations in the House of Judicial Combat to verify the extent of SPC-4003's effects on the Centre's integrity and public relations.

Project Component(s): SPC-4003 consists of a variety of wall writings discovered in a cave off the coast of Atlantos.

While all writings refer to the origin of Selachian Pugilism, the text places its genesis as thousands of years before other fundamental pugilistic writings, with anachronistic terminology. Since discovering the cave, Centre pugilist-monks have deciphered and translated the writings into the ANTI-SELACHIAN HYMN: a pugilistic chant now used as the Centre official anthem to motivate pugilists in the field.

A portion of the writing is associated with a "squaloidhazard",1 which manifests in the form of auditory hallucinogenic diatribes against the philosophy of Selachian Pugilism. This leads to anger in almost all documented cases.

CICAPOCO claims the squaloidhazard a potential threat against the Centre, considering this level of aggression to be against the organization's Pugilist Rights protocol. The Command Office has launched an official investigation into the hazard's nature. It is locating potential parties associated with its existence.

Any conspirators are asked to turn themselves in, or else.

Nascency Impetus: According to the Pugilist Manifesto, Centre precursor groups once used a thaumaturgic gauntlet known as "GOLDEN DUKE" to combat the ancient "Wereselachian" menace. CICAPOCO Archives corroborate this, positing that the Wereselachians were pummeled into submission during the First Deviant Crusade, in 1293 BCE. The archives also allege that shortly before their deaths, the Wereselachians attempted to curse all future pugilists.

Whether the rogue squaloidhazard is the extent of their blasphemy is unknown.

Deployment Record: The Sesquipedalian Department2 has proposed the use of Poseidon Laboratories time travel technology to discern the history of the ANTI-SELACHIAN HYMN, locate the GOLDEN DUKE, and determine the Centre's true origins. The Sesquipedalian Department has selected Temporal Fighting Team PUNCH-CLOCKERS for the purposes of this project.

Marine Fighting Team Mission Logs

Team: Temporal Fighting Team PUNCH-CLOCKERS

Subject: SPC-4003

Team Members:

Commentary: To facilitate their mission, Team PUNCH-CLOCKERS is authorized to use the Xyank-Tyson Temporal Pugil (a time travel device co-developed by Drs. Thaddy "The Daddy" Xyank and Michael Gerard Tyson).

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Cut stuff:

  • The cause of the Centre's CONTAINMENT INITIATIVE3 uprising;

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