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Elevator Pitch:

An alien intelligence invades someone's dreams, causing them to sleepwalk and do strange things at night.


  • Joseph Tirrell:
    • Very much open, fantasy-prone, seeks new activities and places constantly.
    • Moderately conscientious, will show up on time to events that interest them and won't flake on social gatherings.
    • Very extroverted, assertive, will often plan social gatherings or try to get people to come along.
    • Not particularly agreeable, often becomes set in ways due to pre-planning and is never complacent with things staying as they are, but does trust the people he is close with.
    • Not particularly neurotic, albeit somewhat impulsive.
    • Generally optimistic.
    • Wants: Hope, a world where things are alright and fun.
    • Background: Born into a middle-class family that emphasized modestness and self-discipline. Once entering college, Joseph abandoned the former and kept some of the latter, getting into numerous relationships before meeting Danny and settling down.
  • Danny Tirrell:
    • Somewhat open. Will generally engage in new activities, but doesn't enjoy seeing himself or other people change their behaviors too often/much.
    • Pretty conscientious, orderly, doesn't like to forget events.
    • About medium in terms of extroversion; won't say no to invitations, but won't go out themselves. Hard to assert themselves, unless in times of severe stress.
    • Very agreeable, will hardly miss an outing due to FOMO and lack of confidence rejecting invitations. Very trustworthy.
    • A little neurotic, mostly at sudden stressful circumstances.
    • In the middle between pessimistic and optimistic.
    • Wants: Complacency.

HeckVerizon 03/11/10 (Thu) 12:32:47 #22556286

In 1987, Ken Parks bludgeoned his mother-in-law with a tire iron.

In 1999, James Currens walked waist-deep into alligator infested waters.

In 2009, Tim Brueggeman walked into the winter night with only a pair of underwear and froze to death.

The connection? All three did this while completely asleep.

Sleepwalking plagues people every night, from toddlers to elders. Purported causes range from medications to genetics, but no matter the source, the effects can be life-threatening. Share your experiences with sleepwalking in this thread, if you have any. Here is a good place to tell them.

bread-basket 03/11/10 (Thu) 12:32:47 #22556286

The first time my husband sleepwalked, I snickered and punched him in the shoulder.

Most nights, I'm too distracted by the cars outside, the wind, and tomorrow's worries to sleep before midnight. Compare this to my partner, who drops on a mattress and snoozes in minutes. That night, I'm wrapped in the bedsheet, trying to sleep, when I felt a big shift on the other side of the bed. I poked my head out, and he's sitting straight as an arrow, staring at the far corner.

I tried to sit up. "Joseph?" I said.

He turned to the window above the headboard, glaring at the headlights in the black night. "Don't worry, they won't hurt us," said Joseph. "They have the opposite in mind."

That's when I snickered.

bread-basket 03/11/10 (Thu) 12:32:47 #22556286

[I recommended him a dream journal]

bread-basket 03/11/10 (Thu) 12:32:47 #22556286

[He's been sleepwalking more and more]

bread-basket 03/11/10 (Thu) 12:32:47 #22556286

[I had a conversation with him about it]

bread-basket 03/11/10 (Thu) 12:32:47 #22556286

[Final dream]

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