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You are expected to know and follow these rules and guidelines as a member of this wiki, and failure to do so can result in disciplinary action. Please conduct yourself in a mature and civil manner while on the wiki.

Actions that will result in an immediate permanent ban:

  • Vandalism
  • Trolling
  • Sockpuppeting and/or ban evasion
  • Plagiarism (also subject to summary deletion as touched on in the Deletions Guide)
  • Harassment of other site members (please refer to the Anti-Harassment Policy)
  • Malicious voting1 and/or brigading2
  • Other severe misconduct

Actions that will never result in a ban:

  • Writing an article that no one likes/does poorly
  • Downvoting an article you do not like
  • Respectful disagreements with other users (including staff)

Rules and Guidelines

  • Rule Zero - Don't be a dick: Every other rule follows this one.
  • Comments: You may comment anywhere on the site so long as you remain civil, mature, and respectful. Critique you offer in the comments must follow the Criticism Policy.
    • Arguing and Disagreements: You are free to disagree with other users on any point you wish, and arguments are allowed so long as they remain civil and respectful.
  • Voting: You may vote on any article or page on the site that you like, so long as you are voting based on the content of the article. This goes back to malicious voting as touched on above.
    • Voting on your own articles: You are 100% allowed to upvote or even downvote your own articles.
    • Joke Voting/Meme Voting: Voting to keep an article at a specific number of upvotes/downvotes or for any reason not directly related to the content of the article is against the rules. Please only vote on articles based on their content. This will result in a ban.
  • Forum Activity: You are expected to remain civil and mature on the forums. The following are prohibited:
    • Spam: Excessive posting of low-content or contentless threads/replies.
    • Necroposting: Posting in a thread that has been inactive for more than a few months old.
    • Bumping threads/Double posting: Do not bump threads on the forums. Additionally, instead of replying to yourself, please edit the original post with the 'Edit' function under 'Options' in the lower right of your post.
    • Uncollapsed images: All images posted to the forums must be collapsed (the code for collapsible can be found in this guide under the "Formatting" tab).
    • Forum games: Do not create forum game threads without staff approval.
  • Posting Articles: Do not spam-post articles. If staff tell you to slow down your posting, please listen.
    • Images in articles: All use of images in your articles must follow the Image Use Policy. You must source your images on the Discussion Page of your article, and the source must follow the wiki's license. Any questions may be directed to the Licensing Team.
  • Editing Articles:
    • Editing your own articles: You may edit your own article at any time, as many times as you see fit. If you wrote the article, then it is yours to do with as you please, within site rules.
    • Editing others' articles: You may correct spelling, grammar, or formatting errors on other users' articles. Please put a summary of your edits in the 'Short description of changes:' box below the edit field. If you are unsure of authorial intent, either do not make an edit or ask the author first.
    • Collaboration Logs: You are free to add content to open collaboration logs. These pages are tagged as 'collaboration'. These additions may be removed by the page owner or the Rewrite Team. If you notice unauthorized or bad edits, please contact the Rewrite Team.
    • Page tags: Don't add or change tags unless you know what you're doing. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Technical Team. Do not remove Staff Process tags from any article (in-rewrite, in-deletion, _cc, or _image).

Interacting with Staff

  • Staff Posts: Staff Posts are replies/posts on forum or discussion threads labeled as "Staff Post", "Mod/Moderator Post", or "Admin Post". They fall under the following categories:
    • Closed: No one but Staff may reply to these.
      • Stop Order: A Closed Staff Post may include a Stop Order, which is an order to cease the line of discussion it is placed under.
    • Open: You are free to respond to these.
    • Deletion Vote: Only staff may vote on these, but you are free to request to rewrite the article.
    • Call for Rewrite: Reply to these if you wish to volunteer to rewrite a page or to discuss the rewrite of a page.

If a staff member asks you to change your behavior, whether by Private Message, forum post, or otherwise, you are expected to do so.

Other Things that can Get You in Trouble

  • Raiding another site: Do not use the wiki or related platforms to organize disruption of the normal operation of another site. If someone else is doing this, don't take part in it.
  • Problematic Behavior: Consistently problematic behavior may result in disciplinary escalation regardless of specific rules being broken.

The Disciplinary Process

The standard Disciplinary escalation process is as follows:

  • Official Warning
  • Membership Revocation
  • Short Ban (usually a week-long to a month-long)
  • Long Ban (usually a month-long to a year-long)
  • Permanent Ban

Failure to act in accordance with an Official Warning will see the above disciplinary steps taken. Additional violations after a step in the disciplinary process will result in longer bans.

The more severe the violation of the rules, the more severe a consequence will result. Disciplinary proceedings do not need to follow the standard escalation process when more severe rule violations have occurred.

You are able to appeal your bans in the #site17 chat room.

After you have served your ban, you will need to reapply for site membership.

All rules are subject to interpretation by staff. Everything on this page is subject to change after review by staff.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License