Part III of V.

A shudder crept through the ship, the space inside filled with the dull creak of bending metal. Outside, darkness dominated the horizon. Not a single star burned.

Only the quiet churning of the ships' engines lit the empty night.

Upon the bridge, Seras was suspended above the captains chair, purple light surrounding her. Strokes of blue fire blinked in and out of existence around her.

Evalyne stared at the window, drinking in the emptiness. Another shudder rocked the ship, the pronounced groan of metal making itself heard once more.

Evalyne turned towards her glowing companion. "How is it holding up?"

Cracks appeared on the window in front of her, only to be caught aflame with cackling blue fire for an instant. As the fire faded, the cracks were no more.

Seras grunted. "Manageable. How much longer?"

The ship computer sparked to life, the blue light of information filling the room. A light female voice chirped up. "Current estimations put as at [Thirty. Five.] years away from our destination. Fuel reserves are expected to last an additional [One.] day before expiration."

Evalyne laughed. "Off by a bit. We should be there in three days without issue."

"That's not what I mean," said Seras, her voice strained.

The computer once again chimed in. "Multiple reality aberrations have been detected. Evacuation alerts have been sent. Please make your way to the nearest shelter area."

The fire around Seras flared up, streaks of blue flame forming a shifting mesh around her. Evalyne raised her spear and plunged it into the ground. Cracks formed around the tip of the spear, a red spiral forming from where the tip met the metal floor. Strange symbols twisted their way out from the cracking ground, painting the room in their twisting forms.

The protective spell had been cast. Red mist seeped out of Evalyne's mask as a strange presence filled the room. Around Seras, the flames grew brighter in intensity and speed.

Through gritted teeth, "Change of plans," Seras said, "We're jumping now."

Emptiness tried to seep through the glass windows but the red symbols twisted themselves around the void, forcing it back outside. "Do it," Evalyne shouted.

Blue fire consumed the bridge, cutting away at everything coated in the red protection. Red and blue became purple, and with absolute silence, the space was cut out of . Twisted and forming, the shell that had beenleft twisted and fell under the weight of nothingness, as the remains of the ship fell apart.

There was nothing left as the unmaking tore apart at what was left of the ship.

Seras and Evalyne found themselves in a white space, the bridge they had been in nowhere to be found.

Rushing convulsions of reality pulsated across the ever shrinking space that had been a universe.

The fires of creation were set aflame, heat beyond measure melting what little rules remained.

Yet still she remained.

The singularity grew evermore, reality coming to a close. All that had or ever would have been, every possible thing that had ever existed.

Compressed into a single point.

Existence lost meaning. There was no order. There was no chaos.

There was only the singularity and the void that surrounded it.

From beyond meaning, a hand closed around the singularity.

She fell.

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