Stepped Too Far

Item #: SCP-5455

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5455 has been completely bisected across known spacetime. Residuum from the blast has been recovered in the Virgo, Laniakea, and Hydra-Centaurus Superclusters, where Foundation containment constellations have been grouped around select impact zones to reduce the chance of biospatial bleedout. Other impact zones have been cordoned off for the harvesting of blast residuum, isolating the dimensional organ structures of SCP-5455 from the fluid and repurposing them into forms usable by the Foundation.

Both halves of SCP-5455 are presumed to be following an arc out of local spacetime and into neighboring Universe Clusters 10-CENSER/PRISMATIC and 99-DIADEM/HOLEWARDS. Containment barriers are being erected by fleets around their borders, though it is unclear whether construction will be completed in time before collision occurs. The sapience of the two halves is presently unclear; the anomalies are to be treated as hostile threats until further analysis can be performed.

Description: SCP-5455 is a hypermassive biospatial entity that intruded from an unknown plane of reality into local spacetime on 29-12-2337. Its mass was a collection of biological1 organ systems interlinked with dimensional folds, permitting the expansion of its mass across large distances without encountering hindrances from the speed of light.2

At visible wavelengths, the entity is viewed as arrangements of Homo sapiens viscera into hominid body forms. The bodies are upright with their arms outstretched, and stand on a pedestals of osseous tissue, which are linked to a panel of gray matter rising vertically behind the body. This structure forms a backdrop in the shape of a stylized star.3 Variable masses of plasma orbit equidistantly around the coronal plane of the body; these intermittently generate rows of arms wielding bladed weaponry. The total height of each arrangement is 10 Ly.

SCP-5455 first manifested within the Milky Way Exclusion Zone, where it a established a 53 Ly-wide perimeter surrounding the Sol System. Security drones were quickly routed through upper spatial layers in an attempt to excise the threat, but were incinerated by relativistic plasma jets the instant they reentered spacetime. A mass broadcast was then detected across all bands of EM-spectrum communication. Conversion from cognitohazardous signaling into non-hazardous text is as follows:

You took it too far.

This universe is fucked. Just look at what you're saying to yourselves: you're talking about constellations converted into cogs, planets converted into machinery, entire star systems converted into arrays of drones that you can send and destroy as you please because you always have more to snab everywhere you look.

It doesn't just defy scale. It defies sense. There is no logical need for any of this. You could've stopped on Earth — if you even remembered the name — but you kept going out and out and kept building higher and higher, never stopping to ask yourself "why are we doing this in the first place?"

Are you trying to prove a point?

Are you trying to wow the worlds for eternities?

Or are you trying to go as high as you can because you can't consider that there may be a top to this?

It doesn't matter where you're going. I'm done with you. I have my own toys to play with, and y'know what? I don't even think I'll give them a new you.

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