SCP-654: Thunderhorn
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Item №: SCP-654

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A habitat has been constructed for SCP-654 in Sub-Level 12 of Site-28. The chamber is to be kept at a temperature of approximately -5 °C, and saltwater is to be circulated throughout the aquatic enclosure. Chamber walls outside of the aquatic enclosure have been plated with insulating ceramic composite. A staff of handlers, composed of Security Clearance Level 1 personnel and headed by staff marine biologist Dr. Earles, work in shifts of three in eight hour rotations to maintain feeding and medical examination schedules.

Description: SCP-654 is a male narwhal (Monodon monoceros), visually disparate from others of its species in that its characteristic spiral tusk has grown in a clockwise helix from the jaw, rather than the counterclockwise helix found in all other narwhals examined to-date. The typical innervation of the tusk is exaggerated compared with non-anomalous instances, with the nervous system consisting of thick (~2 mm diameter) bundles of copper-plated nerve fibres. These fibres are not connected to the brain as in non-anomalous narwhals, but terminate 5 centimetres above the jaw, serving no clear biological purpose.

When SCP-654 is aggravated or in pain, its tusk is capable of releasing large amounts of electrical energy in the form of spark discharges to nearby conductors, including metal surfaces, saltwater, living organisms, and SCP-654 itself. This is often observed causing a feedback loop of discharge as SCP-654 repeatedly electrocutes itself, ending only when the entity loses consciousness for an extended period of time. Directed electrical arcs of sustained, luminescent plasma have also been observed emitted from the tip of the tusk, but appear to require considerably more effort on the part of SCP-654, normally being followed by fatigue and an increased appetite. Since containment, SCP-654 has demonstrated these 'controlled' discharges only during feeding, in order to sterilise and prepare the meat provided to it. This behaviour stopped once its feeding regime was altered to allow for pre-cooked meals, and the quantities and severity of self-inflicted burns have decreased accordingly.

Discovery: ##

A formal report on the building and its contents were issued to the Danish Minister of Arcane Affairs and de-facto Foundation liaison. A request for personnel withdrawal was immediately issued, followed by a complete moratorium on further Foundation intervention. All further investigation into UL-654-01 is prohibited for the foreseeable future.

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