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Item №: SCP-3617

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: ## to do ##

Description: SCP-3617 are parasitic organisms resembling stringy masses of translucent fibres, capable of motion and external sensation despite the lack of associated muscles and tissues. SCP-3617 are selectively intangible, and typically prey on humans by embedding themselves within major organs and siphoning the subject's conceptual diversity to form additional SCP-3617 instances. This process is non-fatal, and all subjects observed have reverted entirely to a non-anomalous state after <30 days.

Due to the nature of their feeding, SCP-3617 act as vectors and mediators for the spread of literary properties — specifically, noun modifiers and semantic fields. Concepts applicable to past victims will become embedded within an individual SCP-3617 instance's body, and may be applied to future targets with varying degrees of severity. A low level of passive absorption from inanimate, non-organic objects (building materials, medical equipment, transport vehicles, etc.) has also been observed. As with the primary state of metaphysical degradation, this will revert once the instance and its brood exit the body in search of new hosts.

## list of concepts with applicable subjects ##
last ones should be "laughable", "unhygienic", "children's entertainer", all highly prevalent with source unknown.

## case-study/vivisection 1 ##

  • "The subject was observed to have only one lung, with the rightmost portion of the thoracic cavity blending vaguely into a single, multipurpose organ."
  • "A lack of response from the subject during exploratory surgery suggests a lack of nerve systems in affected areas."
  • "Although colours were present, the level of physical detail amongst all affected organs and systems was substantially reduced."

## note; concern over potential harm to subjects ##

## case-study/vivisection 2; surreal imagery ##

  • The subject's pancreas is no longer present, and the partial extraction of the small intestine revealed a large, slanted shaft, lined with miniature grasping limbs. Lips were visible in multiple places on the stomach lining, concealing lead-lined piping networks presumably responsible for the subject's negative symptoms.
  • During controlled trials, subjects were unable to differentiate the sampled tissue from cat food, concrete, or latex.
  • All parts of the skeleton had spontaneously fractured.

## note; concerns dismissed ##
No abnormal behaviour observed.

## additional concept ("normal on the outside") and patient zero (creepy children's entertainer) ##

Out-of-universe notes:

Basic idea is as follows:

  • The parasites are now these things (I don't actually know what they are physically) that move from one entity to another, feeding on concepts. As they do, they transfer concepts from entity to entity.
    • [insert reasons why they specify humans]
  • There's a guy who was a children's entertainer. He is Patient Zero, and he was infected by these concept-parasites that are alien to our reality.
  • One of the core concepts that was taken from him and applied to everyone else was "Seemingly normal".
    • This is why people seem to get better once infection progresses past a certain point. Inside, they're still a boiling, festering mass of metaphysical chaos.
      • Good imagery here for a biopsy. They take a person who's currently infected, cut them open, and the video camera records stuff like huge pulses of energy, fractal organs, tubes descending into nothingness lined with screaming faces, gears and pistons pulping rotten flesh.
      • Then, of course, they identify them as "Seemingly normal" and dump the person's corpse back into the civilian population. I'd like to keep the general flow of the original article as intact as possible.

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