SCP-1444 (Actual)
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Primary entrance to SCP-1444.

Item #: SCP-1444

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The land surrounding SCP-1444 has been purchased by the Foundation under the cover story of a private wildlife preserve. Outpost-1444 has been established within this wildlife preserve to monitor SCP-1444.

The primary responsibility of Outpost-1444 is to prevent unauthorized access to SCP-1444. However, as a precautionary measure, it is also to guard the entrance of SCP-1444 to prevent the emergence of anomalous entities from within.

Outpost-1444 is to monitor for any telecommunication signals emanating from SCP-1444. In the event that any are detected, they are to be recorded, logged and otherwise ignored.

UPDATE: Following recent events, all plans for further exploration of SCP-1444 have been placed on indefinite hold.

Additionally, while the Special Containment Procedures of this file have been updated, the Description is still pending revisions.

- SCP-1444 HMCL Supervisor Doctor Kaisa Jarvinen

Description: SCP-1444 is an ice cave in North Ostrobothnia, Finland. Topography and spatial dimensions are unstable and inconsistent inside SCP-1444, altering between incursions inside. SCP-1444 contains multiple anomalous organisms with variable features and abilities, designated SCP-1444-1X.

Only three incursions into SCP-1444 have been conducted by Foundation assets. All information concerning SCP-1444 comes from these incursions, but this information has epistemic concerns. See SCP-1444 Log Transcripts for more information.

SCP-1444 was discovered after I/O-BEHOLDER flagged a news story involving an injured hiker was reported in an Oulu newspaper in May 2013. The story was compared to previous articles involving urban legends around a "monster cave" and assigned a high probability of anomalous activity.

The May 2013 newspaper article detailed disappearance of three hikers and the recovery of a fourth member of the hiking party. This surviving member of the party was discovered with a severe case of hypothermia and cranial trauma. The hiker testified that her hiking party had taken shelter in a cave and became trapped after falling into a crevice.

The surviving hiker did not fall into this crevice and reported hearing the screams of both other members of their hiking party and unidentified creatures. After failing to find a secure entrance into the crevice, the surviving hiker fled the cave and was discovered shortly thereafter.

An interviewer was dispatched to investigate further, but unfortunately, had their supplies of amnestics and veritants mislabeled. As a result, the memories of the surviving hiker were rendered incomplete, and the only useful testimony recovered was the location of the cave.

SCP-1444 Log Transcripts:
Exploration Log: D-1820 and D-3749
Exploration Log: PTF Thorn-Two
Rescue Log: MTF Zeta-Nine
Debriefing Log: Z-9 Towers

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