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Scarlet King


Overview: The Scarlet King is a mytho-historical tradition documented in a variety of human and non-human cultures. Though a credible representation of, or eyewitness to, the actual entity has never been discovered, it is universally identified with both the color red and a term denoting hereditary authority. It has been called the Crimson Khan, the Red Ruler, the Blood Regent, and various other appellations. The Scarlet King is also strongly associated with sexual violence, the number seven, and themes of military conquest. For these reasons, some Foundation and Global Occult Coalition theorists suggest that this entity is no entity at all, but rather an infectious memeplex that fosters specific patterns of dogma in sapient beings.

Dissenting theorists point to the events surrounding the neutralization of SCP-███-█ through -█, as well as those surrounding the Spears of Khahrahk, known to be in the custody of the Coalition. These objects indicate that various non-memetic phenomena may be attributed to adherents of the Scarlet King, including corporeal manipulation, interspecies reproduction, dimensional apportation, and other varieties of reality alteration.

Whatever the case may be, modern practitioners, such as the Children of the Scarlet King, are considered by the Foundation and other Groups of Interest to be a potentially apocalyptic threat.

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