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The first recorded instance of SCP-X. Cognitohazardous title removed.

Item #: SCP-4440

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: TODO

Description: SCP-4400 is the collective designation for a current total of five four1 notebooks with antimemetic properties. Primarily, the items contain an antimemetic perceptional field1 which acts to deter visual acknowledgement of the object. The potency of the antimemetic field has been slowly increasing over time with occasional sporadic drops. Research into the cause of this behaviour is ongoing.

Secondly, the items contain obfuscatory cognitohazards to prevent reading of the item's content. More specifically, the item encrypts the content via cryptographic cognitohazards, rendering the text illegible if the reader does not have access to the cipher key. The cipher key is mental alignment to some unknown factor, gauged by the response to an image and question prompt.

Attempts to transcribe, discuss, or copy SCP-4400's content has resulted in the same outcome: individuals that have sufficient mental alignment to the factor to view the content ordinarily will be able to understand the transcription/speech, while those that do not will be unable to do so. Exposure to the content of SCP-4440, encrypted or not, may result in temporary symptoms of:

  • Confusion
  • Amnesia
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Heightened levels of visual snow
  • False memories
  • Prosopagnosia

All known SCP-4440 instances were found the in possession of Augustus Ehrlich Sr.2 Each item had its own associated title, corresponding to [COGNITOHAZARD INTERCEPTED]. It is unknown if Ehrlich was the creator of SCP-4440 or if he purchased them from a third party. Further investigation into the content of SCP-4440 is ongoing.

Addendum 4440.1 — Transcripts

1. Colloqually known as SEP fields.
2. POI-9873 (deceased). Multiple SCP objects were discovered in his possession upon his death.

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