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Item #: SCP-N

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-N was an area with a radius of approximately 3 km located near Fairbanks, Alaska. The only entrance to it was a gate. While this area possessed the same landscape as its surroundings, it is suspected that it existed separately from the surrounding area.

SCP-N was the refuge of SCP-N-1 and SCP-N-2, two humanoids who lived within the two-story mansion in the center of the anomaly. SCP-N-1 was the caretaker of SCP-N-2 and had the outward appearance of a 40-year old woman. SCP-N-2 had the outward appearance and nature of an 8 year old child. Despite their appearances, due to the circumstances of their neutralization and extra-dimensional origins, it is unknown whether these forms were what they truly looked like.

Neither anomaly seemed to age throughout the time they were in Foundation possession.

SCP-N-1 and SCP-N-2 were first encountered

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