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4/5000 LEVEL 4/5000
Item #: SCP-5000

Special Containment Procedures: Until such time that proper containment of SCP-5000 can be reestablished, Site-608 is to be held under indefinite lockdown. MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") has been assigned to primary containment detail and have been instructed to shoot any individuals attempting to leave Site-608 on sight. Primary containment objectives consist of devising a method of reinforcing the space of reality surrounding Site-608 and confirming that personnel stationed at Site-608 are baseline non-anomalous humans.

Foundation artificial intelligence construct TSATPWTCOTTTADC has been given Level-4 access to the Site-608 security monitoring system and is currently tasked with determining the identity of SCP-5000-1 with 99.5% confidence.

Description: SCP-5000 is a terminal hallway located in Section 2C of Site-608. Prior to 07 September 2002, SCP-5000 hosted the offices of Dr. Alan Danica, Dr. Julia Ecker, Junior Researcher Adrian Williams, and Senior Researcher Rafael Hernandez. However, on the aforementioned date, all of the original offices that were previously present in SCP-5000 spontaneously demanifested. In their place, a single unmarked office was situated at the end of the corridor. This office has been furnished with a large wooden desk, two bookshelves, a coffee machine, a filing cabinet, and a desktop computer. Notably, the room is not marked with a name plate, does not have any windows, and has twenty electrical sockets wired along the western wall.

The original building plans for Site-608 show that SCP-5000 originally featured only three offices, despite the fact that the aforementioned four Foundation employees claim to have been displaced by the anomaly.

SCP-5000-1 is a contrived thoughtform entity that is believed to have embedded itself amongst Site-608 staff, having fabricated its own memories and history with the Foundation. It is believed that the entity is not malicious, although it is believed that the conflict created by its sudden existence has destabilized reality to an alarming degree, as evident by the discrepancies listed in Addendum 5000.1. The present identity of SCP-5000-1 is unknown and is considered an EKHI-class priority.

Addendum 5000.1: Discovery
SCP-5000 was discovered at 13:05 CST by Foundation .aic TSATPWTCOTTTADC. The .aic had detected multiple discrepancies between its active monitoring systems and its global resources, as well as a significant spike in Hume levels across the entire site. In response, TSATPWTCOTTTADC placed the site under indefinite lockdown and declared a containment breach.

TSATPWTCOTTTADC has flagged the following discrepancies:

  • The entirety of the office at the end of SCP-5000, suggesting that it is not a part of the building.
  • The document regarding SCP-5000, suggesting that it has been revised through anomalous means or that SCP-5000 is not a hallway.
  • The electrical wiring in Section 2C, suggesting that the true SCP-5000 requires a significant amount of energy.
  • Personnel assigned to offices located in Section 2C of Site-608, suggesting that at least one manifested at the same moment as the office now located at the end of SCP-5000.

Addendum 5000.2: Interview Log

Addendum 5000.3: Surveillance Log

Addendum 5000.4: Surveillance Log

Addendum 5000.4: Surveillance Log

Addendum 5000.5: Chat Log

Addendum 5000.6: Surveillance Log

Addendum 5000.7: Surveillance Log of Incident 5000-A



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