A Video Odyssey
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Item #: SCP-4X Level 4/4X
Object Class: Safe Classified

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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4X is archived in an XS storage locker in Site-25. No further testing is necessary.

Description: SCP-4X is a compact VHS videocassette manufactured sometime between 1983 and 1986. The exterior casing bears no unique markings apart from an unusual number of deep scratches. Otherwise, damage and wear is consistent with a product of its age kept in relatively good condition.

During playback, a viewer may use any functioning FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie to communicate with the subject operating the camera, thereby altering the content of the recording. Any transmissions relayed by a viewer may subsequently be heard in SCP-4X's audio, broadcast from a PA system in the vicinity of the camera operator. Rewinding the cassette resets any changes imposed on the recording.

In the absence of any direct influence, the content of SCP-4X will still display minute differences on each playback. The general course of events does not change, but details such as the shaking of the camera, the breathing of camera operator, and the positions of the stars will vary.

The camera operator never speaks nor appears on camera, but displays full sapience and may choose to follow or disregard instructions given to them. The identity of the operator is subject to speculation. The filming location bears superficial similarities to the Kirk Lonwood High School as it appeared in the mid 1980s, albeit with substantial divergences in layout.

Playback Log 001 (Control): The following is a transcript of events which transpire within SCP-4X when no intervention is made.

[Begin Log]

[00:00:00] Grid of foam ceiling tiles illuminated by a bluish light. Stilted breathing.

[00:08:03] The camera operator make guttural exclamations of distress. The view abruptly shifts, revealing the room to be a classroom at nighttime. Seats are arranged facing and against the walls. The chalkboard appears to be entirely covered in writing at a 90 degree angle, though the content is illegible. Moonlight appears unnaturally vivid.

[00:12:24] The camera operator approaches the classroom door and peers into a long hallway, looking both ways three times before stepping through. The walls are cream colored and lined with lockers. No other doors are visible. An arrow pointing to the left is drawn in chalk on the lockers across from the classroom. The operator follows the hallway to the right.

[00:12:54] After reaching a turn in the hallway, the camera operator slowly steps to the edge of the wall and looks around the corner before progressing.

[00:13:16] The camera zooms in on a section of the hallway floor. The top and front of an adolescent human head can be seen embedded into the polyurethane flooring at an angle. Only the area from the upper forehead to the bottom of the nose and brow line are visible. The surface of the floor bulges and contracts in the area above where the mouth would be. (See fig. 1.1.)

[00:13:31] Irregular footsteps are heard further down the hallway. The camera operator slowly turns around and travels the way they came. Camera movements are smooth and incremental with corresponding squeaking noises. The operator is assumed to be sliding their shoes along the ground without lifting their feet at this time.

[00:13:51] Footsteps cease. The camera operator does not acknowledge.

[00:14:12] The camera turns back toward the end of the hallway where the footsteps had originated. A set of fingers grip the edge of far wall from around the corner.

[00:14:17] A second hand grips the edge above the first and a figure appears to pull itself horizontally over the edge of the wall, as if experiencing gravity at a 90 degree angle. The figure raises itself over the edge until it is visible from the chest up. Details are indistinct to due lighting, but the size of the head and shoulders suggest pre-adolescence. The camera turns away from the entity and the operator resumes sliding their feet along the floor, albeit at a much more hurried pace. No other sounds are heard.

[00:14:23] The camera turns back to the figure, though the camera operator continues to travel in the opposite direction. The figure moves laterally through the wall toward the camera operator at a constant speed, merging at the collarbone and the base of its fingers. It emits a distorted, low-pitched scream.

[00:14:29] The figure collides with a set of lockers. The screaming stops and the locker unit tips over, falling through the floor and out of sight without a sound. The figure continues to travel along the wall.

[00:14:80] The row of lockers on the camera operator's immediate right tip over and collapse, seemingly unprovoked, revealing a door with a restroom sign. The section of wall that had previously been concealed by lockers is covered in illegible writing at various angles.

[00:15:01] The camera operator rushes forward and pushes the door open. There is no moonlight inside, and the operator turns on the camera's flashlight. Six bathroom stalls line the opposite wall. No other restroom features are present. The camera operator remains still.

[00:16:49] Four fingers extend from behind the top of the stall door across from the camera operator. The movements are slow and deliberate.

[00:17:10] The fingers grip the edge of the door. A second set of fingers emerge from behind the bottom edge.

[00:17:12] The camera operator turns around and opens the door to the exit, only to find that the lockers have been moved back into place against the doorway. A hand reaches out from behind the camera operator and places its palm over the lens. More distorted screaming can be heard.

[00:17:15] The recording ends.

[End Log]

Playback Log 002:

History: SCP-4X and two other anomalous recordings were discovered inside a concealed storage chamber in the basement of the Chattanooga Film Society headquarters. Besides the circumstances of their acquisition, no verifiable connection was found between the three artifacts, and each received a distinct SCP designation.

Item Tracker
Kirk Lonwood HS senior pranks

Each entry 1oaK. WATCH FOR IMITATIONS! Copies do not have SFX!!!

??. 1966
Super 8 cartridge. Half of the collectors we've talked to swear it exists, other half swear it's a hoax. No credible evidence of owners/locations. Not worth chasing a myth of a myth, but keep an eye out anyway.

1. 1976
Betamax cassette. The holy grail.

  • Library archive?
    • Unlikely. They don't just go around collecting every major artifact like it's Legends of the Hidden Temple. Bookies hate paramedia anyway

VHS-C cassette.

  • AFC confirmed to have copy. Location of original is unknown.

3. 1996
MiniDV cassette.

  • Copy sold in MCD auction 2003?
    • Inside source says it sold to Siegfried Munchen in Hamburg dec 17th. FIND HIM!!
    • Found him, rich fucking dumbass didn't even know it was a copy

4. 2006
MiniDV cassette.

  • Presumably kept in a private collection. Lot of people were fighting over this one; unsure which one of them ended up with it.

5. 2016
Format unknown. Everyone and their grandma was waiting on this one. Too many rumors, too little time. KEEP AFC MISINFORMATION GOING

6+. 20X6

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