Unknown Anomaly Dossier: "Pattern Screamers"
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This file has been slated for deletion due to high levels of memetic hazards. No Foundation personnel were involved in the creation of this file.


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Image recovered from remaining Project EMPTY LITUUS documentation. Context unknown.

Identifier: UC-8127

Area of Influence: Undetermined1

Threat Level: Unknown

Description: UC-8127 designates a collection of informational, ontokinetic, and existential anomalies colloquially referred to as "Pattern Screamers." What the anomalies exactly are and whether they form a cohesive whole has been the subject of debate, owing to a lack of substantial information recorded by the Foundation.

UC-8172 was first encountered, and is often associated with, the anomalous generation of corrupted documentation in Foundation databases. While initially thought to be no more than simple database errors, the page was flagged by Leonidas.aic and Fodder.aic systems, due to the presence of potentially cognitohazardous materials and their inability to be properly deleted. Initially thought to be left empty, semi-cohesive strings of text written in a first person perspective later were found in them. These texts lack coherence but have thematic similarities, such as wandering and the presence of an endless white plain.

Why this association exists is unclear, as the generated texts make no direct reference to "pattern screamers" or contain any phrases of a similar nature. Questioned researchers have claimed that "pattern screamer" is an old term for specific errors where databases would accidentally create junk documentation, the text in the files appearing to be "screaming" from the well-ordered strings of individual letters they possessed, though no further evidence exists to corroborate this.

Many anomalous phenomena and objects are believed to be related to UC-8127, based on similarities with the contents of the anomalously generated documents. Substantial numbers of these anomalies are ontokinetic in nature, destabilizing reality through processes that generate disordered and randomized systems. Containment tends to be highly difficult due to the unpredictable behavior that can arise and the overall harmful effects the destabilization poses.

Several potentially related anomalies have displayed sapience and a desire for "acknowledgement." What motivations they have are not yet understood.

UC-8127 is also thought to have had a presence in interstellar regions, based on references to "pattern screamers" from extraterrestrial anomalies. It is not known if this presence [[[|persists]]] to the present day.

Potential non-existent phenomena are still being hypothesized by the Department of Existential Anomalies.

It is currently theorized that each anomaly is connected through some means but the full extent of these connections have yet to be found, as concrete relationships are few and far in-between.

Research History: Research into UC-8127 (designated at the time as UC-0910) initially began under Project EMPTY LITUUS, a joint initiative formed by the Memetics Division, the Department of Existential Anomalies, and a "Counterconceptual Division"2 in 1958. Database files indicate that the project was provided large amounts of funding and was overseen by O5-10 and the second O5-3, cataloguing over twenty new anomalies, but despite this virtually no documentation is available. A majority of dossiers and files are corrupted, and those that are largely intact are fragmented across different site intranet servers and areas of the Core Database.

Records indicate that Project EMPTY LITUUS was discontinued for reasons of "unexpected security difficulties" in 1970. Information on the initiative was lost until 2010, at which point interest in pattern screamer phenomena was renewed by a series of Core Database alterations, all originating from an indeterminate source.

Investigations have been resumed with the initiation of Project SPIRAL in 2016, which is intended to further the Foundation's understanding of UC-8127 and either lead to its assignment with an anomaly designation or a Group of Interest designation.

Research is ongoing.


As it stands we have little to go off of. I've been checking our databases for any information that feels related to UC-8127 and have so far turned up with nothing. It's either only slight mentions, more vague descriptions of "pattern screamers," or data that's corrupted to all hell. If anyone else can find something useful, please, by all means tell me. I'm nearing the end of my patience with this.

Lead Researcher Mark Sobol
UC-8127 Research Team, Project SPIRAL

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