A Divine Associate, Fallen
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Item #: SCP-XXXX l4.png Object Class: Euclid
Level 4 Clearance Threat Level: Yellow


Fig 1.1: Oldest known image of SCP-X (photograph recovered from the estate of Peter Stratford).

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be kept within a standard humanoid cell. SCP-X is to be discouraged from engaging in acts of self-harm1. As a preventative measure, staff must perform weekly psychiatric and physiological screenings. The results from these screenings are used to condition SCP-X operantly by allowing (or forbidding) amenities such as toys, scented candles, and dry shampoo.

The following may be provided while SCP-X is supervised (and must be retrieved after use):

  • One sewing needle
  • One scalpel (approved by acting HMCL supervisor, for maintenance and repair only)
  • One mirror2
  • A D-Class personnel amenable to visual and physical contact with SCP-X.

Twice per day, SCP-X may be provided with a fresh animal carcass prepared in strict accordance with shechita (the Judaic practice of ritual animal slaughter). Personnel may provide SCP-X with whatever tools it requires to incinerate this offering in accordance with korban olah (the Judaic practice of burnt sacrifice). SCP-X is permitted to extract small portions of each carcass for personal use. Should SCP-X remove the carcass's skin, personnel may have it tanned and returned to SCP-X.

Description: SCP-X is a humanoid entity that has replaced its epidermis, teeth, genitals, the majority of its extremities, and facial bones with crude transplants of leather, hair, muscle, and bone. When provided with appropriate tools, SCP-X is capable of using similar materials to modify, maintain or replace these transplantations. It prefers to only graft materials that are derived from the carcasses of animals slaughtered in accordance with shechita; it resists receiving any other material and will refuse to graft tissue from them to its body.

Examination of SCP-X's underlying scar tissue, body proportionality, and historical reports suggest that SCP-X has made extensive surgical alterations to itself. This includes removal and/or modification of appendages and organs not consistent with ordinary Homo sapiens. Attempts to reconstruct SCP-X's original appearance have failed due to the sheer quantity of modifications to its form.

Over the course of several hundred interviews, SCP-X has demonstrated a child-like deference and deep emotional attachment to any human it encounters (regardless of overall conduct to it). It frequently shows disgust with itself. Upon realisation of the procedures regarding SCP-X's self-harm, it has used this knowledge to prevent periods of extended isolation.

Addendum 4440.1: Recovery and Containment

SCP-X was discovered in 1985 during a raid conducted in Romandy, Switzerland at the estate of Basil Ottinger (a banker and collector of anomalous art). Upon entering Mr. Ottinger's basement, Foundation agents found SCP-XXXX in a catatonic state at the bottom of a pit filled with animal excrement and raw sewage. Despite not understanding verbal commands, it was highly deferential toward Foundation personnel and cooperated with its containment.

As part of an arrangement made with the Foundation, Basil Ottinger was offered amnesty in exchange for information regarding the anomalies recovered from his estate and the location of other anomalous collections.

Addendum 4440.2: Further Investigations

Upon recovery of SCP-X, multiple non-anomalous materials regarding the nature and history of SCP-X were recovered from the estate of Basil Ottinger. These documents were discovered within a filing cabinet, under a section marked "Nephilim". Recovered documentation has been photocopied below:

All further documents recovered from Basil Ottinger's estate are restricted to personnel with Level-4 Clearance or greater.

Addendum 4440.3: THE CREATURE SPEAKS

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