SCP-XXXX : The False Eigenweapon
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Item #: SCP-4553
Object Class: KETER
Site Responsible: HATC FOB-009
Director: O5 Command
Research Head: N/A
Assigned Task Force: Eta-10
Level 5/4553
Hands Across The Council

Threat Level: Red



Special Containment Procedures: Since 2003, a contingent of the International SCP Foundation "Hands Across The Council" (HATC)1 has been tasked with securing encrypted parlays between anonymous members of the ORIA-Pentagram Embassy. Should open Embassy members pledge under a Foundation-authorized geas2 to HATC according to Article XXI of the Proclamation of Narrative Neutrality Act, they are to be granted certified authentication credentials.

As of 2005, the exact location of the ORIA-Pentagram Embassy is contested. The embassy — presumed to be a black site bunker located 500 meters beneath a holy site in Qom Province, Iran — remains under a high-priority surveillance status.

HATC Forward Operating Base-009's central operations dome houses monitors representing Groups of Interest liaison, placed sequentially next to one another; each monitor displays identity-masked silhouettes serving as a visual icon for each speaking member. Integrated Reality Integrity Engines (iRIE) are located in concentric patterns along FOB-009's anterior perimeter.

[[encryption, speech encoding, obligation of contracts]]

Description: SCP-4553 is a Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) manufactured and repurposed for offensive weapons use by GOI-616 ("Pentagram").3 SCP-4553 is positioned approximately 36,000 km above central Iraq in a circular geosynchronous orbit. SCP-4553 is capable of the unobstructed, near-instantaneous production of solid-state electromagnetic field (EMF) laser fire and has been in use since the start of the Iraq Occult Conflict.

An electromagnetic device, which is shaped like a cylindrical nozzle and situated on the anterior surface of SCP-XXXX, acts as the primary transmission vector for EMF payloads. After a target has been selected and the beam is discharged, a three-dimensional object (designated a Mendaxweapon) is formed. Notably, all buildings, vehicles, or people that occupy that space during inception dematerialized on a molecular level and are refashioned into necessary inert thaumcores, incomplete wave amplifiers, damaged satellite dishes, superficial chassis, and other components.

When a Mendaxweapon is viewed, witnesses believe they are ostensibly anomalous weapons of mass destruction. Each Mendaxweapon exudes a distinct, highly virulent infohazardous agent when it is perceived or described by subjects initially exposed to it. Subjects or organizations with an understanding and concern of unregulated anomalies become increasingly agitated and paranoid. While the weapon itself is effectively self-containing, insofar as most civilians affected by the infohazard become lethargic or unaware of its properties, organizations concerned with containment are statistically more likely to engage in open or covert conflict over securing the weapon.

Class IV mnestics must be administrated to those attempting to research Mendax effects.

While the weapon is not considered a direct threat to mass civilian populace due to the difficulty of calibration, it is a perceived threat to opposition in the form of like-minded political and military structures; though, it is not believed to have yet been fired.

Disclosed Mendaxweapons

The Council of 1084

[[Schematics are in Proposal - Goal - Result - additional note format]]


December 31, 2003

From: the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Donald Henry Rumsfeld (DoD)

To: the Science and Paratechnology Director of the Defense Paranormal Agency "Pentagram" (DPAP)

Subject: P-DSCS-110 Commissioning for Project "KNIFE THRU GASLIGHT"

A. PROPOSAL P-DSCS-110 is to be manufactured within the span of several years by Pentagram engineers, hermeticists, illusionists, and thaumo-rhetoricians.

B. GOALS To establish a chokehold on ORIA-controlled epistemological anomalies, seek weaponized anomalies and PoIs, and expand long-term US Paramilitary Occupation Programs.

Upon completion of P-DSCS-110, the satellite will spearhead subversion efforts in the Iraqi theatre. Should P-DSCS-110 successfully fabricate Mendex-type Eigenweapon within ORIA-controlled space, the SCPF and the Council of 108 are to be notified. Prepared documentation, compiled maps, and dispatched diplomats are to influence representatives most affected by the Mendax-type infohazard payloads. Joint search and seizure attempts to procure perceived artifacts are to be monitored closely. Directly or indirectly lending support to our program.


D. ADDITIONAL NOTES In the interest of maintaining amicable relations with relevant GoIs, clauses described in Protocol WESYDHT are non-negotiable.

D.2 Archive IV-Dictate-03: This clause dictates that by no means are Council of 108 occultic groups are to amass stocks of anomalous weaponry with the intention of aggressing on another council member.


Donald Henry Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense


[[something more on the mendaxweapons being infohazardous or cognitohazardous, making organizations with similar anomalous lobbying orgs seek after them. Even (and especially) the Foundation which is more concerned with containment.]]

[[below section is the counter-narrative in the Tomb of Muslim Al ibn]]

NOTE: Transcripted by texts which were buried along with Muslim ibn Aqil.

I watched as the world came to Kufa. Her skies sapphire, clear.

I harbored no malice to Ibn Ziyad who sought bloody vengeance against me; nor did I agonize over his soldiers, Imams, executioners. For they were all Creations of Allah. Even as they led me to the rooftop of the Mosque, I did not weep for myself, but for them. For the Eve of Martyrdom fell on all.

I saw my head lopped off from my shoulders by executioner's sword. I saw my body thrown down and slung over a cart and carried through the Market streets. I saw the backs of heads belonging to devout men, women, and children; each seemed prostrated beside the path of the cart. A thick trail of red caked the stone pavement.

The people shook crying. Their hearts were weary.

I saw rows of crucifixes which bound my sons, and their sons, and theirs.

They cried. “O Father, are we not true? Are we not truth and truth not us?”

They stretched into the Horizon: each rose falls of fire into the courtyard cosmologies. The sky became a vast sea of swirling smoke. They became stars. Heaven, ablaze in dead, came down to Kufa.

I spoke. “O Sons, you mustn’t fear death. Only in the face of death are we true to Allah. For what is death if not Holy? What is Allah if not the Banks of the Euphrates, the gardens of the Sahn, the taste of Manna, or the salt of tears? We are all Shaheed now: the fields, seasons, and sun.”

We became mason, mosaic, and memory. Twisting spirals on arabesque tile and Persian rugs. Heaven was low, low enough that we pushed and pressed it into bedrock; our blessed bone held in place the foundations of the Mosque.

On that day men burned a thousand times and turned the skies white. The skies from Mecca to Jerusalem; from Quraysh nomads to Scarlet sands; from Yazidi gardens to Sunni graves; from the Principalities of Qom to the Palisades of Constantinople.

All would see our glassed bones, made true with fire.


Pentagram wants a powerful artifact that ORIA possesses. Pentagram bolsters ORIA, getting them to fight a war for them. The partnership is tentative, and when ORIA notices how shaky the ground between them is, they decide to take down Pentagram. To do this, they procure a false eigenweapon and give it to Pentagram as a "gift". Pentagram creates a satellite and attaches the false eigenweapon to it.


Pentagram tries to take ORIA's artifact, using their newly-created weapons satellite to secure it. The eigenweapon — a fake — crashes into a telecommunications satellite. Djinn within the false eigenweapon are released and begin broadcasting a narrative weapon into the mass media. The narrative weapon causes Pentagram to lose the Info War: propaganda and news reports are rewritten against them — the weaponized narrative, a story being spun against them. The original war ORIA fought for Pentagram is now lost, and Pentagram is to blame.


The ultimate fate of two clashing narratives — an extension of Pentagram v. ORIA conflict.

Pentagram needs their enemy to be alive (as with the Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi story) so that they maintain political advantage.

In the aftermath, ORIA reclaims land lost during the conflict and settles with Pentagram. Eventually, Pentagram's anomalous artifacts become swallowed by the sands of history itself — another fixture; another tribe that could not outlive the region itself.

"ALL THINGS MUST TELL", a sitcom about war crimes.


eigenweapon: a weapon of anomalous origin/one which incorporates para-technology for mass destruction
polemicize: to engage in controversy
pedagogy: the act of teaching
mise en scène: the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play
djinn: Type-2 Special Personnel

Michael Haneke's dichotomy of violence vs. viewing, as seen in Act of Killing

Violence: Men shove planks of wood into a communist's anus then bash them to death with other blocks of wood. They sugarcoat this butchery and find their real selves.

Viewing: Reality exhibited in images alone is a superficial reality, mass-produced by various media outlets.

People fabricate a pseudo-truth to create a convincing lie.
Jean Baudrillard's "hyper-reality" is the conceptualization of noise into signal, images, and truth; a mixture of reality in images and true reality.
Diegetic reality and its inability to bring itself onto our good side, because we are constantly attacked by superficial reality.

GOI-616 "Pentagram": The paramilitary branch of the Department of Defense and member of the Council of 108. Featured in the following articles (in order of posting):

Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA): Iran-based anomalous item reclamation organization, not necessarily religious or politically leaning in any specific direction, but has a strong sense of nationalism. Featured in the following GOI Format articles (in order of rating, highest to lowest):


The first murder was Cain and Abel. And more recently, Pentagram and the Foundation.

Do you think society should favor justice for the individual or security for the state?

Why do we have guillotines? Why does every creed, race, and culture have a word for executioner? I'll answer you. Because the minute things don't go our way, we become bloodthirsty monsters; we'll start seeing nails, on every wall, on every corner, waiting to be nailed. This is where we diverge Anders. People cry out for justice when they feel wronged and the ole US of A comes rollin' up with answers, enemies, targets. You may have lost what Stan Bowe started, with the what, dissolving of Foundation military assets and cutting ties with our collaborations in the past, but we haven't. We never stopped securing our borders, Anders.

I am an enemy to all anti-historians. Those who destroy heritage. Those who sacked the ancient Assyrian gateway, those who bombarded Nineveh and Nimrud to ruins. I know all, hold all accountable.

At the end of the day, I thought, why couldn't I close his eyes first. Why couldn't I close his eyes?

The conglomerate entity (the satellite fused with a mosque) appears to be moving backward in time. Ideas and concepts affect humans native to their respective timelines unconditionally.

(final list) SCP-4553 exist as two distinct, infohazardous instances: the peripeteia and anagnorisis.


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