Nipple Centipedes

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An SCP-5333 instance searching for a host body.

Item Number: SCP-5333

Containment Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All discovered SCP-5333 instances are to be contained within a standard insectoid containment terrarium.

Foundation agents employed at hospitals are to monitor for SCP-5333 infestations, and patients affected by SCP-5333 are to be amnesticized. If applicable, infant deaths are to be explained by a cover story referencing complications during birth.

Description: SCP-5333 is a species of macroparasitic centipede that lives primarily within unclean urban hospitals.

SCP-5333 instances are known to reproduce exclusively within humans after crawling into bodily orifices.1 Each viable instance navigates a subject's body to reach the mammary gland, where it lays eggs within the alveoli.

As SCP-5333's eggs hatch, the parent instance secretes prolactin into the subject's nearest vein, thereby promoting the production of breast milk, which the younger instances feed on. After necessary growth, the SCP-5333 instances exit through the subject's lactiferous ducts on their nipples.

When an SCP-5333 instance reproduces within a childbearing subject, its eggs hatch and secrete pheromones that encourage the subject to begin breastfeeding. During breastfeeding, the infant chokes on the SCP-5333 instances and expires, at which point the instances feed on the cadaver. After necessary growth, each SCP-5333 instance exits back through the cadaver's bodily orifices.

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I. Investigation




The telemetry drone travels into the wall of the pit. Auxiliary camera footage captures the drone entering the ground at an oblique angle and disappearing from view. The drone scans the top of a moist subterranean tunnel for 90 meters before reaching an antechamber. Numerous SCP-5333 instances mill along the entrance, blocking further view. The drone registers a warm spot at 38°C behind the instances and continues forward. Several instances cling to the drone.


The drone enters. The view reveals sickly pale infants in white translucent pods, resembling taut flesh. The drone inspects each pod, going down a coherent lane. It's dark. The camera doesn't penetrate very far. The walls are moist, and the tunnel is humid. The drone continues, before noticing SCP-5333 instances in an uncountably large cluster. It pans up.

A massive SCP-5333 instance (identified and designated 5333-A) jockeys elongated humans in pods with each arm. The humans are pale, their eyes shut, their chests pulsating. Body proportions are long and slender — unmistakably adult. 5333-A suckles on the humans, in holes through the pods. The humans appear not to mind, and lay idle, with movement visible in grotesquely inflamed chests but nowhere else.

Each human's arm outstretches, like a centipede's pushing at the sides of each pod.

Milk covers the 5333-A. It wades in a pool of milk, which masks further arms beneath, and further pods float atop the milk, semi-submerged. The bottom cannot be seen. 5333-A feasts upon the humans, and they feast upon her, but she is unable to provide for all: Some hang limply in their pods, which have grown nearly opaque.

A number of humans mill at the walls, away from 5333-A. Each human appears too old to suckle on the entity and too old to produce and be suckled. They scan the walls, arms flailing at things unseen in the dark. The humans drag themselves across the ground.

Milky white substance trails behind, marred in long, thin, human handprints. Their arms dangle and shake — thin and long, lacking in muscle density. At the core of each body is a large, expansive, and deflated sac with various small brown spots.



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