Nobody's Observations on Security, Toymakers, and Waffles
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To Do:

* Check records of Daniel Stanford- could interact with family?
* Look into the Wondertainment ape, find out where it was manufactured - don't recognize this one
* Give Insurgency agent a lead in on where the Kangaroo is
* Warn owners of Wilson's they have a spy (?)
* Find a Waffle house

Daniel Stanford's record search was a dead end. Family lives in Florida, trip down is long. Need to tie up loose ends before moving on: Expose CI spy and investigate Wondertainment Ape.

Need to talk to owners about CI spy. Leaving a note works too.

The ape smells of Wondertainment's shop but isn't something she'd make. Probably a creation of prior CEO. Relevant toy line likely unreleased. Need to get closer to investigate meshing of mechanical and biological parts. Prior research on clockwork-biological mixtures inconclusive.


* Place is pretty low-security. (Maybe ∵ Nexus?)
* Only one mobile task force on location. Does not appear armed.
* Wondertainment Ape kept in enclosure 3 2. Feeding time 12:45. Investigate after keeper leaves.
* Found a hair in scrambled eggs in Ihop breakfast. Do not return to Ihop.

It's almost comical how lax security is at this place. As I write this, I am sitting at Tim's desk and going through his documents on the ape. No lock on the door, no lock on the file cabinet, no security cameras anywhere. This is a nice change of pace.

Found vet records. Animal is sickly. Found note from Wondertainment to Tim Wilson.

Apparently, she set the ape up here herself and is directly funding its stay here. I don't really understand this place's relationship to the Foundation yet, but they probably won't be too happy about a Wondertainment product being on display here.

Left a note about the CI spy on Tim's desk. He can't miss it. I am moving towards the Wondertainment Ape now.


Had to leave before I could conduct a physical inspection. Diagram was rushed. Not my proudest artistic achievement. I think I screwed up and gave him two left feet….

Walter (that's its name) looks like it came from a non-mass produced toy line, since he didn't have a serial number. This kind of bio-technological design is not in character for current Wondertainment. Likely not one of Holly's designs.

Going to spend one last night in Boring before heading to Boston. Taking shortcut through Portlands.

To Do:

* Check the journals for owed favors to/from Wondertainment.
* Check Wonder World archives for Walter's blueprints.
* Tip off the Foundation to Walter's presence at Wilson's (?) Would likely be better off at a Foundation site.
* Check for Waffle Houses in New England
I am so hungry.
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