mr eel

mr eel shall be scp
nico i know you wanted to collab with me on this so i'll catch u later :V

- mr eel is a static eel, hence is able to travel through CRT television screens (as the televisions are connected to the static)
- contain the static eels by pushing for LCD displays
- more eels???
- eels adapt to LCDs
- frick
- but mr eel is still a good
- but what of OLEDs? perhaps they also adapted to those
- make another mr eel edit but with a tv OwO UwU (i bet u appreciate those nico)

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: ??? (maybe also keter, I make a lot of keters)

Special Containment Procedures: mr eel won't be happy about these

Description: SCP-xxxx is a collective term for a species of eel-like entities. They are most often observed emerging from a CRT television, and produce waves composed of static noise1 during the process. Said noise tends to linger in the surrounding area for approximately 5-10 minutes. An SCP-xxxx instance only occurs when an individual attempts to tune into a channel with no discernible signal.

SCP-xxxx instances are approximately 2-4 meters in length, and resemble a eel or serpent. Their skin texture is similar to felt, and is dark grey in colouration. Although they occasionally remain on the ground, they are also capable of levitation and move in an undulating pattern akin to swimming.

The entities are intelligent, capable of learning any human language. However due to an inability to verbally speak, rely on writing or typing to communicate. SCP-xxxx instances are not hostile towards humans, and can occasionally be highly affectionate.

- what will happen here? OwO
- fric idk where to take this story

did u hear of the television eels?
television eels?
sometimes when there's nothing on, they arrive.

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