Moosphere, Incorporated

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1. SCP-3739 by KindlyTurtleClem and Lt Flops

Moosphere's mass neurological advertisement campaign connects to a chain of legitimate products — both real and dream-based — produced by the human subconscious and esoteric sources. A significant sum of Moosphere's products come from the neural and memetic pathways of its market base.

2. Snippets of an Unveiled World (collaborative) (Moosphere part written by Lt Flops)

Excerpts from a news segment on the opening of a new Moosphere, Incorporated production facility, 1 February 2025:

Consumer Reports recently announced that business is "going well" at the newly constructed Mindscape Megafactory here out of Bangalore, India.

Last week, I attended an exclusive press tour of the facility grounds. I spoke with factory manager Sanjay Lochan, who told me about the company's success in what they call the 'Mindscape' industry. "We fulfill about 1,500 orders daily, and have a current waiting list of 30,000 people," he says. "It's in high demand. We offer people a chance to become what they never would have been naturally. It's a surprising business model that would not have even worked ten years ago." This is, of course, in reference to the Veil protocol, which as you may know, was […]

Anonymous Moosphere representatives — who relayed messages through a company liaison, to avoid divulging trade secrets — told us they have five factories going up in India alone in the next eighteen months.

Their facilities use state-of-the-art paratechnology that's genuinely out of this world. "Aren't you concerned about consumer safety?" I ask Sanjay in private.

"Quite the contrary. People consent with their dollars, and they consent to cranial probes before we even admit them, and they light up in all the right areas," Sanjay tells me. "The truth is people enjoy it. They like it. And why wouldn't they?"

I can't argue with that logic, Sanjay! One process involves hooking oneself up with the pumping station, through which you can experience a prolonged astral projection for just under 18,000 rupees. Trials for a more permanent, long-distance experience — in a process known as "astral bridging" — are underway in a lab in Hong Kong. Moosphere Astrologists say they want to allow "[a] chance to explore nearby nebulae from the comfort of your own home!"

Overall, my talks with Sanjay were unexpectedly candid. Sanjay, my crew, and I laughed for what must have been hours. The ruckus garnered a few furtive glances from the otherwise focused line workers, who stood wide-eyed and taciturn at their stations the entire day. Talk about diligent work ethic! But, of course, before the tour was over, Sanjay brought me down to the R&D Wing to join my mind with The Lactescent Chorus


3. Spilled Milk by Lt Flops

For more than [UNKNOWN] long Ages, Moosphere, Incorporated has been a forerunner in surrealistic dairy artisanship; a feast for more than 30 BILLION souls and counting! By the fruits of their very spirits, our well-trained Oneiric confectioneers would like to serve you our many fresh, EGO-SHATTERING delights. Mouth-watering cuisine is hard-coded in their very DNA — we're sure of it! Feed your chakric affirmations, O vaccimulgent one!

As-yet unconfirmed appearance

SCP-5665 is an anomalous variant of dairy cow capable of producing massive amounts of methane within their digestive system through unknown sources. Additionally, they can expel this gas through their anuses and ignite it, presumably using an unidentified flame-producing organ located within the lower digestive system. SCP-5665 instances are able to move in the same manner as a non-anomalous cow; however, they have been observed to instead favour propelling themselves via combustion of their anomalous flatulence.

The group of SCP-5665 instances is believed to be travelling in a direction that will cause it to make contact with the Moon on 2020-06-02.

Indirect mention

  • SCP-4475 by KindlyTurtleClem and Lt Flops


Just as threats from the "Land of Milk and Honey" hung over the UIU's head in the 1920s, preternatural dairy threats continue to plague us today.

After Operation: LACTOSE INTOLERANCE and the ensuing battle we waged — and lost — the O5 promoted me as the Director of Project GALAXIAS. From here, I have led us to archive, study, dissect, and perhaps, finally grasp apotheosis. I have seen beyond the stage on which we play our little lives. We are naught but actors — puppets on strings, dancing to the tune of a trillion capsules of milk, suckled by decaying, necrotic gods of sadism, bound to chairs of osteoporotic bone. But no longer.

For the good of humanity, we stand against the Land of Milk and Honey — in whatever permutation it exists.

—Dr. Cassie Báthory
Director of Project GALAXIAS

Additional Lore

Moosphere, Incorporated: A gestalt thought-based dairy corporation threatening an impending CK-Class restructuring event.

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