The Failsafe
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:


Discovery: Incident XXXX-0.01: On DATE, PoI-XXXX infiltrated Site-17 through unknown means. The subject was first detected by Foundation security systems at 21:02 outside Doctor Charles Gears' office. The following interaction was recorded between Doctor Gears and PoI-XXXX.


[PoI-XXXX opens the door to Dr. Gears' office and stops as he and Dr. Clef turn to face her.]

PoI-XXXX: W-what?

Dr. Clef: Well well well. Who the hell are you?

Dr. Gears: Janitorial services concluded at 6, and I cannot locate a badge on your person. This is not a member of Site Staff.

[Dr. Gears rises from his seat having activated a silent alarm, Dr. Clef produces his authorized carry weapon.]

PoI-XXXX: How are you still…

Dr. Clef: Answer me, stranger. Who the hell are you? I know you're some sort of green.

[Dr. Clef points his weapon at PoI-XXXX. PoI-XXXX inspects her pockets before putting her hands at her hips.]

PoI-XXXX:God damn it. I even triple checked.

Dr. Gears: Though I don't believe we've met, you seem oddly familiar.

PoI-XXXX: Whatever, doesn't matter. Come on, old man, you're coming with me.

Dr. Clef: Am I a fucking joke to you? Answer me, damn it!

Dr. Gears: I do not intend on leaving this office.

PoI-XXXX: You're all like robots, I swear.

[PoI-XXXX takes a step towards Dr. Gears and Dr. Clef, a length of rope manifesting in her hand.]

Dr. Clef: It's like I'm not even fucking here.

[Dr. Clef fires a single round into PoI-XXXX's left arm. PoI-XXXX stops and grasps her wound before disappearing in a flash of green light.]

Dr. Clef: Didn't take you for the kind to leave broken hearts behind.

Dr. Gears: Do not antagonize me, Alto. We have an incident report to file.

Dr. Clef: We? Hell no. I bugged her with my bullet. You file the paperwork. My part's done here.


Overall structure:

Find failsafe
Gears sees more gears <reaction image>
Trap is set up to capture an Allison Chao
Allison Chao has an interview with Gears

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