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If you're a member, write up a thing here or whatever. I thought it would be fun.

Username_of_Member Positions_of_Member Description
taylor_itkintaylor_itkin Grande Overlord idk why shit keeps getting named after me I didn’t even make this site
DarkStuffDarkStuff Missionary12345 of the Wilson's Wildlife Faith A faithful monk spreading the word of the Lord Tim. Also versed in the mythology of Wondertainment, and a bridger of the two faiths. Preaches peace, good will to all on earth, and to write for his Group of Interest.
Rat LordRat Lord Giant Rat You know the drill. Makes all the rules, eats ass, etc, etc. Now can I get some GOD DAMN FOOD?
stormbreathstormbreath gremlin nobody knows why stormbreath is here he just showed up one day got an admin position halfassed some css and stuck around but that css was good so they left him around and he kept doing shit

it also somehow became a guru
DrChandraDrChandra Master of Ceremonies and Assorted Sundries Picked up a couple orphaned narratives by Peppersghost and Randomnini, which somehow turned into over 60 articles. Literally cannot stop writing weird headcanons. Send help.
WerylliumWeryllium Dinosaur King of Laconia Self-crowned, no subjects, no castle. Starts things he can't finish, finishes things he never started. Is "too fucking straight for this". Thinks less words are best words.
MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought Regent ad interim ad infinitum for the British Chronarchy. Ruled years 0 to 0 inclusive. Splits his free time between governing the timeline and writing. Currently working on a lot of different things, far too many of which are weird, abstract, time-travel-related, or combinations thereof.
NatVoltaicNatVoltaic Coolkid Physicsgirl Godslayer Constantly writes either science fiction realistic enough to turn off the majority of readers, fast-paced urban fantasy action, H.P. Lovecraft knockoffs, Weird sci-fi, or Absolute Weird Shit™. Sometimes all five at once.

Likely a complete dork.
Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini idiot author of 'high quality author fan fiction' according to Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby. is also some sort of css warlock, but only sometimes.
FloppyPhoenixFloppyPhoenix What do I put in this field? — Page Editor

Just copy the other people! -Anonymous
Some random bird that has allegedly done some writing…? This is highly disputed and you probably shouldn't think about it too hard.
MendelssohnMendelssohn Mendelssohn The Master of Suffering. Lives in suffering and lives for the suffering in every moment of their insufferable existence. The idea is that suffering is an existential constant, is an integral part of the universal experience, and that suffering can always be felt any time in our lives. Don't ask. High Suffering cannot be fathomed by mere unsuffered mortals.
CroquemboucheCroquembouche bottom howdy
WindyCatWindyCat KNIFE the fucker who's spamming this sandbox with unrelated, non-SCP garbage
DrAnnoyingDogDrAnnoyingDog hecking borko An author who might be a dog. Known to write solely for WWS. Complains about not writing, but doesn't do anything to change it. Loves his friends. UwU
Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade Cardinal Richelieu Has a tendency to vanish for most of a decade.
RounderhouseRounderhouse yurt no
not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull not a seagull6 It is a matter of political debate whether they are a human or not. Best known for corny chat catchphrases and not having any consistent sort of style. Is the Chosen One, blessed with the ability to downvote sandboxes. No one knows how they managed to become a semi-popular author; connection with the Frog Mafia is heavily suspected but not confirmed.
UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire wilco shill writes q*eer shit and depressing nonsense. fittingly enough, a depressive q*eer
KrySalemsKrySalems ??????? Just some guy who talks a mile-a-minute and is probably not Fluttershy. Prohibits lood and raises the dead that is my own motivation, sometimes. Live you nerds.
mayoculpamayoculpa A bad lady, whomst should not be trusted Extremely nice and fluffy. Elder millennial. Loves everything a little too much. Has been known to disappear for months at a time.
TuftoTufto Knight to E5 Rolling down the street like a tuft in the wind
Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby Official Famous Author Impersonator7 My friends call me a "lifeless amalgam of bad puns, bad priorities, and bones". Little do they know that's what my parents call me as well, so it just makes me feel at home.
AyersAyers Yes Inventor of the cold air balloon. Never really took off.
Alistair HawksAlistair Hawks A researcher who happens to be a cockatoo Yep you guessed it, I'm that one avian researcher who no one really knows how to deal with. Somehow ended up here, and now you'll all have to pay the price. You're welcome.
WydnessWydness Gabriel Jade's weird 049 sycophant I wrote the egg pregancy fanfic that no one ever shuts up about. You know the one.
Elogee FishTruckElogee FishTruck Dwight D. Eisenhower Officially a lump of flesh in the corner. Unofficially a lump of flesh in your corner.
RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes Drummer Applied to the site with a hastily written emotional cover letter résumé to Hallmark gift cards. Allegedly a nerd for doing so.
stormfallenstormfallen not stormbreath[citation needed] The day I actually write something for the wiki is the day the sun goes out.
XilasCroweXilasCrowe Your God and Empress, also best axolotl. Has too many ideas and never gets around to writing them, so the backlog is 50+ items long. Someday they'll all just appear on the wiki at once, probably not posted by me.
LeveritasLeveritas also here Joined for the sole reason of wanting to be included
TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB I play the guitfiddle This custom sandbox thingy is pretty neato. I'll packrat some drafts over here methinks.
HotColesHotColes Carbon emission I forgot I joined and don't like the new look of kakkon so here I am, I have a lot of drafts that usually don't turn into articles
7happy77happy7 Nappy I create something weird things such as CSS things, SVG things or whatever. I need more spaces!
smltsmlt Person That Exists Contributor of absolutely nothing on the SCP wiki.
AbsentmindedNihilistAbsentmindedNihilist Keeper of the Tubbioca Five corgis in a trench coat.
TanhonyTanhony The Cycle The waves come in, and go out. The skips are written, and then they dry up. And so it is…
keyiikeyii Magical Girl? Love and justice can conquer anything! Except for the job application process.
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