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SCP-XXXX at the location of discovery.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a Class-F Anomalous Item Locker at Site-93. Personnel are not to engage in conversation with SCP-XXXX without approval from both the SCP-XXXX Project Lead (presently Dr. Ahmad Punjari) and the O5 Council. Given its manipulative tendencies, all communications with SCP-XXXX are to be closely monitored and reviewed.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a gestalt collection of handmade dolls constructed of cotton, polyester, and various plastics. The dolls that make up SCP-XXXX are attached at the wrists with cotton thread and are incapable of independent movement, however the object is capable of speech through an unknown mechanism. SCP-XXXX will attempt to engage passers-by in conversation, invariably seeking to establish a contractual relationship of some kind, typically offering freedom to D-Class personnel in exchange for various herbs, animal carcasses, incenses, and minerals. To date, SCP-XXXX has requested sage, salt, a spider, an amethyst, myrrh, a cervid skull, and unscented candles from various D-Class personnel. SCP-XXXX presents multiple distinct personalities, each conducting themselves in a manner conducive to the establishment of a seemingly mutualistic verbal agreement. The nature of these agreements is highly variable, but none have been successfully carried out prior to the events of Addendum XXXX.1.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in an abandoned and severely dilapidated bungalow in LoI-504 ("La Rue Macabre"), three miles east of the settlement proper. Local officials were called to do a wellness check on the inhabitant, Adélaïde Hecaud, who had not been seen in approximately three months. The corpse of Mrs. Hecaud was found in her bed, having died of acute myocardial infarction approximately nine weeks earlier. SCP-XXXX was found in the basement of the residence on top of an end table, surrounded by black gunpowder and 4 bottles of home-brewed dark rum. The Foundation was contacted after the object attempted to converse with the first responders.

Addendum XXXX.1: Incident Log

Preliminary testing via indirect communication has demonstrated that SCP-XXXX are incapable of fulfilling any requests made of them by D-Class personnel, as the object possesses no means by which to manipulate its surroundings or utilize the solicited payment. Direct interactive testing was to be carried out under the supervision of the SCP-XXXX Project Lead Dr. Ahmad Punjari via direct approval of the O5 Council.

Purpose: To establish the abilities of SCP-XXXX to negotiate, enter, and execute a verbal contract via direct interaction.

Date and Time: 02 February 2009, 1803 EST
Subjects: Dr. Ahmad Punjari, D-3415, SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX


[D-3415 is ushered into the containment chamber, and the item locker containing SCP-XXXX is disarmed.]

Dr. Punjari: D-3415, please approach the containment locker and open the door.

[D-3415 approaches the containment locker and opens the door to reveal SCP-XXXX.]

SCP-XXXX: What do we have here, brothers?

SCP-XXXX: A friend perhaps?

D-3415: Oh fuck, y'all can talk. Okay.

SCP-XXXX: So young! So supple! Delicious!

SCP-XXXX: Good evening, friend. Please, sit. We have much to discuss.

Dr. Punjari: D-3415, please engage SCP-XXXX in conversation.

[D-3415 takes a seat across from the containment locker containing SCP-XXXX and takes a deep breath.]

SCP-XXXX: Your eyes are quite enchanting. What is your name, delicate one?

D-3415: Chris, but uh, the folks here call me "D-3415".

SCP-XXXX: How cruel of them. How… dehumanizing.

[There is a 7 second pause. D-3415 shifts in his chair.]

SCP-XXXX: You smell of honeysuckle and musk. Quite ravenous!

D-3415: I would prefer if you didn't comment on how I smell, thanks.

SCP-XXXX: Silence, Calisto.

SCP-XXXX: Yes, you're making the poor thing uncomfortable.

SCP-XXXX: Apologies. It is not often that we may imbibe in the pleasures of flesh, you must understand.

SCP-XXXX: So Chris, let us get down to business, yes?

D-3415: So what's the deal then? What business are we supposed to be doing?

SCP-XXXX: Why, whatever you most desire!

SCP-XXXX: It appears quite apparent to us that you are unhappy here.

SCP-XXXX: Yes. Quite unhappy indeed.

SCP-XXXX: We can help you. We can save you.

D-3415: Who said I'm unhappy here? I get three square and a roof over my head. Beats busting my ass with side hustles and living in shelters.

SCP-XXXX: Is there truly nothing you miss? The wind in your hair? The warm embrace of a woman?

SCP-XXXX: A cold glass of beer? The sunset over the Gulf?

SCP-XXXX: Let us break your chains. We can provide all of these pleasures to you. You have but to ask to be set free.

[D-3415 glances upwards at the observation panel of the containment chamber.]

Dr. Punjari: You may proceed, D-3415.

D-3415: All right, what's the catch? You must want something from me.

SCP-XXXX: We want many things, and none. What we ask of you is simple.


D-3415: You… want me to pray? In exchange for freedom?

SCP-XXXX: Pray not to false idols. Not to the God of Abraham, nor the great Devourer. Worship not the Broken God, no pretenders before us.

D-3415: Then who am I supposed to be praying to?

[In unison]

SCP-XXXX: Repeat after us, o curious one.

[In unison]

Dr. Punjari: Stop the test! D-3415, do not repeat those words, do you hear me? D-34—


[All audio and video cuts out for 4 seconds. When the feed returns, D-3415 is no longer present in the containment chamber, and SCP-XXXX displays the addition of a fourth doll, colored blue.]

Dr. Punjari: Lock it down, lock it all down!

[Klaxons begin to sound.]

SCP-XXXX: Wha- What the fuck? What happened to me?

[In unison]
SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX: Welcome, brother.

As of 02 February 2009, SCP-XXXX testing has been suspended indefinitely.

Addendum XXXX.2: Letter Sent by PoI-504-L ("Papa Legba").

The following letter was found on the desk of Dr. Punjari the day after the events of Addendum XXXX.1.

La Rue Macabre

Dr. Ahmad Punjari,

It's come to my attention that you boys've stumbled on quite the treat. As I'm sure you've already figured out, those ain't just any old voodoo dolls. They're property of my old friend Kalfu. Old lady Adélaïde'd been keeping him cooped up all these years now, keeping him stocked up on powder n' rum. Surprised y'all didn't figure it out right then and there, but I guess y'all don't know your voodoo like ya should, eh? But now she's gone and you lot done scooped up some of the cleverest spirits this side of the Mississip'.

Since y'all don't seem to know who you're messin' with, lemme educate ya. Kalfu is Bealsey-Bub, the Ol' Boy himself. He's bad luck, disorder, chaos. He's more clever than you, he's quicker than you, he'll swipe your soul with a grin a mile wide. A meetin' on his crossroads ain't likely to end well for y'all, don't matter how clever you fix yourself to be. Let me be crystal clear with you fellas — Kalfu ain't the type to be triflin' with. Adélaïde and I locked him up years ago, but now he's got a new soul to play with since you Foundation folk can't keep your noses outta places you shouldn't be sniffin'.

My advice? Lock up them dolls and throw away the key. Ain't no good gonna be comin' from 'em. Leave this ol' ghost to La Rue. Me 'n the spooks'll sort 'em out.

Kindest regards,
Papa Legba

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