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I was asked to check this out on IRC.

I'm not gonna do a comprehensive line crit, as that really should have been done before posting, but just know that there are lots of clinical tone errors that really drag me out of the piece and make it worth downvoting on that metric alone. In addition, there are enough similarities to 049 to cause most readers to raise an eyebrow. Friendliness with staff, wanting to do its work, the robes being a part of its body, even it being French.

Any story that you were trying to tell here was drowned out by numerous errors and unoriginality. -1

This was close to securing my upvote, but there are just parts of this that come off as awkward, forced, or stilted, and they really drew me out of the piece. I'll give some examples, but just know that in general, I dug the idea. I was mostly put off by the execution, hence my downvote.

Some examples of awkward parts:

There are more smaller bits, but those were the examples that tore me out of the piece the most.

Overall, this is just good fun. It's basically exactly what I'd imagine anartist punks to do, I love it. +1.

Alright, let's check this out.

Overall, this was a fun little article. It sets up a fun little anomaly with a decent bit of body horror and it resolves everything nicely. +1 from me.

As Junior Staff

  • Critiqued at least 2 mainsite pages in a given week
  • Worked with RockTeethMothEyes to create a project proposal to revitalize the site crit team.

As Operational Staff

  • Critiques at least 2 mainsite pages in a given week
  • Makes staffposts as necessary
  • Helps RockTeethMothEyes organize IRC Site Crit Team meetings, mainly by coordinating bots and inputting IRC commands
  • Critted a good chunk of 5kcon articles
  • Is spearheading the drafting process of a butterfly squad roster of site critters.
  • Actively revising the aforementioned roster list to be uniform.
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