McB's Staff Accomplishments

As Junior Staff

  • Handled an average crit load of 3-4 idea threads a day
  • Made staffposts as needed
  • Critiqued a couple drafts on IRC a week

As Operational Staff

  • Handles an average crit load of ~5 idea threads a week
  • Critiques 3-5 drafts on site or in IRC a week
  • Keeps an eye on #site17 and the forums daily to make staffposts
  • Created a copypasta sandbox that various Junior Staffers use
  • Started a successful staff motion to make #thecritters a room requiring a registered nickname, and also to give staffers chat rank in the room.
  • Routinely mobilizes the crit team to take care of crit forum backlog in #thecritters chat
  • Directs junior staffers to particular threads of interest when a fellow reviewer needs backup.
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