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This is my sandbox page for works in progress.

Other utility pages:

SCP Sandbox III: Just a placeholder that redirects here.
Authorpage: authorpage.

Topia: compost heap for cut scenes.
Topia: test page for CSS-heavy drafts.

WIP & drafts:

Bubblegum Caper II: Minzheng and Lottie head to the doc's while conversing. Doc treats the grinner mouths successfully. Minzheng rushes off to work; asks L to meet him after work at Y&S. Lottie heads out into town to look for a job, which doesn't go well. She heads to Y&S, who hire her. M arrives later that day with little sister in tow.

Bubblegum Caper notes & brainstorming: Notes and research for Bubblegum Caper, Brigham City and An8 in general. Shaggy has confirmed that LOOKING AT grinners makes the mouths sprout

Chicago GOC vs Swine God: In 1970, the Factory comes to Chicago. The GOC tries to destroy it. It does not go as planned.

Right Side Up Boy: Herman has escaped to the Library, where he meets a boy from Texas (?) whose face is currently right side up. Ask Chandra Only PeppersGhost knows Manny's backstory for sure!

The Iron Mekhanite: Explore global Mekhanism as it stood in the 19th century, the Mekhanite / Sarkic cold war behind the Civil War, Antonin3's backstory, and another perspective on the Herman Fuller saga. Work in the nameless city in the Great Dismal Swamp. Ends with Antonin3 founding an embassy in a nexus (Flipside!!) after her unit is disbanded and 070 dropped from Standard.

Signal Tower of Saint-Inventor Chock: Because finding a way to get my machine poetry onto this site would be heckin rad. Build out my headcanon that the Choralists-Faithful comprises both musical composers and radio technicians.

Spanko v Irons: Looney Tunes style caper in which Roadrunner Spanko evicts the Cherished Leaders from Brigham City. Subplot of townsfolks using dado products ordered via Anderson Express Prime in vain attempts to contain the loudbirb.

Extradimensional Technique: An anomalous jiu-jitsu hold that transports two people to a dojo safehouse for 24 hours. Fix note-at-the-end syndrome - make Rodrigo get drafted by GOC Rosicrucians instead of breaking up with Ascensión

Blood Roses: American Secure Containment Initiative finds Lucretia Fuller's signature flower at the battle site. Brainstorming alt-Lucretia futures.

Chicago Shades: Valentine's Day: Lucy, you've got some splainin to do.

Wondertainment song: Gonna try to set DarkStuff's poem to music. And record it on Audacity. And somehow upload it.

Epic Rap Battle Crossover: Damn you shoujoq for reminding me this exists

In here are things I will find useful when writing / researching other SCPs. As well as small brainstorms which may become big ones later.


19th century smash!

1877 railroad strikes - and other good railroad history

Wild West Slang

Medicine shows — Clowns often join traveling medicine shows, particularly Hamlin's Wizard Oil Company.
Wizard Oil RecipeExperiments with using Clown milk in preparations?

1980s: Chicago Shades

Are all governments and law enforcement organizations in the SCPF entirely comprised of spies for various GoIs plus the Foundation? I doubt there's any room for regular folks with no anomalous agenda whatsoever in the halls of power most places.

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