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This is my sandbox page for works in progress. I've created a page on SCP Sandbox III for posted articles.

Boy Who Cried Wolf: The Fullers approach the ceremonial site. This takes at least several days. The Mekhanists swoop down on the ceremony bringing fiery death from above. Herman runs out into the woods and escapes to the Library.

Spyders: Because the Library needs a better information marketplace. Needs revision due to mixed voting response! Better description, expand recovery log

Right Side Up Boy: Herman has escaped to the Library, where he meets a boy from Texas (?) whose face is currently right side up. Ask Chandra Only PeppersGhost knows Manny's backstory for sure!

boy who cried wolf notes: Various discarded drafts and WIP notes for the Boy Who Cried Wolf cycle

The Iron Mekhanite: Explore the Mekhanite / Sarkic cold war behind the Civil War, Antonin3's backstory, and another perspective on the Herman Fuller saga. Work in the nameless city in the Great Dismal Swamp. Ends with Antonin3 founding an embassy in a nexus (Utterly Bazaar?) after her unit is disbanded and 070 dropped from Standard

Signal Tower of Saint-Inventor Chock: Because finding a way to get my machine poetry onto this site would be heckin rad.

An8 682 053: What it says on the tin. Short short. (Maybe don't do this, due to overused nature of skips?)

Bubblegum Caper: Lottie and her trusty iron legs versus Sarkic bone rancher who first cooked up SCP-4910.

Spanko v Irons: Looney Tunes style caper in which Roadrunner Spanko evicts the Cherished Leaders from Brigham City. Subplot of townsfolks using dado products ordered via Anderson Express Prime in vain attempts to contain the loudbirb.

Extradimensional Technique: An anomalous jiu-jitsu hold that transports two people to a dojo safehouse for 24 hours. Fix note-at-the-end syndrome - make Rodrigo get drafted by GOC Rosicrucians instead of breaking up with Ascensión

Wondertainment song: Gonna try to set DarkStuff's poem to music. And record it on Audacity. And somehow upload it.

Incident 3214-3900-Alpha: Needs revision due to my rewrite of 3214!! SCP-3214 and 3900 interact "in the wild." Includes: Memo to Site 15, aka Doctor Cortes Gets A Doggo

Test Case: Someone said a mean thing in the 113 comments thread which made me want to write a tale which is the exact opposite of mean.

Epic Rap Battle Crossover: Damn you shoujoq for reminding me this exists

mayoculpa mise en place: Draft authorpage.

In here are things I will find useful when writing / researching other SCPs. As well as small brainstorms which may become big ones later.

Would a skip or tale using Lee & Miller's Aequitas game be a licensing issue? The game appears to be their creation (specifically Steve's creation) and they have a strict no-fanfic policy due to people taking advantage of them in the past.

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